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In Krasnoyarsk region the teenager has raped 12 - the summer pupil in a school toilet


Svetlana Grits, the assistant to head   area on social problems

the Case shocking in itself, has happened not where - nibud, and within the precincts of school, in one of areas of Krasnoyarsk region.  

the Seventh-grader has got in a toilet 12 - the summer pupil, and there has raped. Thus   action there was a schoolmate of the suffered boy who was not ashamed to photograph all process on a cell phone camera …

- We were shocked simply with this case, - Svetlana Grits, the assistant to the head of area on social problems speaks. – Children who have made it to explain the act cannot in any way. Though both of them at us were for a long time on a note, to them it is a lot of claims. From unsuccessful families. Once we already considered a question on deprivation of the parental rights of a family in which the boy was nurtured. We will be now more active on it to insist. And to demand, that both senior pupils who have made violence, isolated, have directed to corresponding penal institution for teenagers. The child who has suffered, already comes to the senses. Now with it the psychologist works, and somebody from adults incessantly watches, just in case - would not make with itself anything. We would like, that it have sent on rehabilitation, it is desirable, in other area of edge …

to Teachers who have overlooked for pupils, declared reprimands. Though, speak in administration, all understand – all you will not follow, in each corner you will not glance. And to re-educate at once pupils on whom there is no justice either from teachers, or from unsuccessful parents, too it is unreal.

- On the minor tyrant criminal case as regards 4 articles 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (rape of the victim who has not reached 14 - summer age) is got, - have commented happened in Investigatory committee of Krasnoyarsk region. - It is punished by imprisonment for the term from twelve till twenty years Now inspectors establish all circumstances of an event.