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In Kazan the woman with pity has stolen the baby at the girlfriend

To guards young mummy has come running the day before at night and has told that its child have taken away by the car of black colour. The information at once have dispatched on fasts of traffic police and began to wait for results « interception ». But all searches have appeared vain.

Next day mum has remembered, together with the girl-friend drank at home. But hot has not sufficed also it has gone to shop behind an additive, and having returned, has not found neither girlfriends, nor the kid.

Guards have checked up this version. The woman has told that took the kid with pity – mummy too long did not come back home, and other members of household so were fond of TV viewing that about the little man have forgotten at all.

Here then - that the goodhearted woman also took krohu to itself, having taken for it baby food. Next morning she has tried to find lost mummy of the house, but it there has not appeared, and the militiaman in the beat too has not found on a place. Therefore it was necessary to carry the kid in hospital – under supervision of physicians, the broadcasting company « informs ; the Ether » .

After all this history native mum of the newborn can deprive of the parental rights.