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In Tomsk prospects of development of housing and communal services

are defined Every year tariffs for utilities grow, thus their quality leaves much to be desired. In the end of 2010 municipal problems have especially become aggravated. It is obvious that all system of housing and communal services needs upgrade, and this question is taken now on control not only on regional, but also at federal level.

to raise quality of utilities to lower rate of increase of tariffs and to reduce breakdown susceptibility, absolutely new approaches to housekeeping are necessary. And, first of all, housing and communal services upgrade assumes transition to cheaper energy sources.

- the Most favourable to area, - was told by the chief of Department of upgrade and economy of housing and communal services Sergey Avtomonov, - so, and for the private soldier tomicha - transition to gas. It is the cheapest way to heat a city. As gas - one of the basic resources of region. Such transition will lead to decrease in growth of tariffs for 24 % and will lower breakdown susceptibility of networks.

As the official has explained, transition to gas will be accompanied by equipment change. And it will allow to lower and power losses. Only for this year kommunalshchiki plan to reduce energy losses by 30 %. In April of this year trial start of systems of the heating created on German technology will be Already spent. Experts assume that power efficiency of such technics will make 85 % against 37 - 40 % which are given by the equipment applied now.

– For upgrade of out-of-date system of housing and communal services huge money &ndash is required; more than 6 trillion roubles which in federal, especially, in regional budgets are not present, - Sergey Avtomonov has explained. - Therefore it is necessary to search for variants and to get to take part private investors, but conditions which could involve them are for this purpose necessary.

last year for needs of housing and communal services by regional Administration it has been allocated 40 million roubles. On these means projects of last years have been finished. This year for reforming of municipal system it is planned to spend more than 120 million.