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In the Rostov region from - for a flu have closed nine schools and 27 kindergartens

In the Rostov region on quarantine have closed already nine schools and 27 kindergartens. On compulsory vacation pupils of 128 classes and 43 groups doshkoljat are dismissed. In total for last week, according to the Don management of Rospotrebnadzora, diagnosis ORVI has been put 33 thousand inhabitants of area, in Rostov to physicians with complaints to high temperature, a cold, cough and a sore throat were converted more 10 thousand persons. Besides, last week 49 cases of disease are laboratory confirmed by a flu. Overwhelming majority: 35 persons — have picked up a pork flu (AH1N1). As a rule, all diseased has not been imparted, has chronic diseases of lungs and is warm - vascular systems, there are among them pregnant women.  

- it is important to remember that self-treatment at a flu is inadmissible, especially for children and persons of advanced age, - the Don epidemiologists warn. - After all to foresee a flu current it is impossible, and complications can be the most various. Only the doctor can correctly estimate a status of the patient. Such complication as the acute pneumonia, quite often develops from the very first days, and sometimes and from the first hours of disease by a flu. Therefore purpose specific protivovirusnyh means and adequate therapy by antibacterial means and other preparations not to admit complications is necessary.