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Roadwork in Petersburg is conducted illegally

Already week, according to effective standards, in St.-Petersburg it is impossible to repair roads: the top layer of asphalt at minus temperature does not keep within. Meanwhile in many parts of a city a roadwork does not stop.

so, past Friday, at the height of a recent snowfall, correspondents Kolesa. Ru fixed asphalt packing in the street Sveaborgsky (the Moscow area of St.-Petersburg). And according to the official information of the CORDUROY ROAD, only from November, 26th till December, 5th for different terms will be closed on repair more than 10 roads to various parts of a city whereas the interdiction for carrying out of road and transport works operates since November, 23rd, informs Dailyj. Ru.

In the press-service of vice-governor Yury Molchanov specified that the interdiction is connected with a roadwork, that is with packing of the top layers of asphalt. To change pipe ducts and to stack the bottom layers operating gosty and SNIPy do not forbid in any weather.

the Given interdiction, undoubtedly, strongly complicates life to the Petersburg contractors. Not a secret that the means allocated with Smolnym on repair of roads, reach contractors sometimes only by December and this with the fact that to master these means it is necessary in accurate target dates. Thus, the considerable part of a spadework, with constant risk of in the winter is spent that colds spoil all, not to mention that during the winter period these works are more expensive. And streets will be closed again for motor transport journey, as, for example, Pea, being on a major repair till September, 2011.