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Traffic police divorce - practice: the driver-addict

And mass-media dazzle with articles about podljanki werewolves from traffic police, and deputies make offers on traffic police dissolution, and storm traffic police posts undertook, and all our peace officers do not calm down and continue to substitute, plant and in every possible way to put out to respectable motorists. Here, read the next history which has come to edition Finamauto:

" Hello! More recently on MKADe, of 73 km are more exact at congress, my acquaintance was stopped by the inspector of traffic police. Checking up documents, suggested to pass in an official car parked at some distance. The friend proceeded behind the documents, and the second inspector, met its hospitable smile, dumbfounded completely not ready to such turning movement of events of the automobile owner by a question:

- That used the day before?

- Anything, - the driver answered.

- Well if anything and there is nothing to be afraid, - the vigilant inspector encouraged the poor fellow and there and then suggested to accept about it a disposable glass and to fill with its urine at least on third.

- after all nichegoshenki did not accept, blow safely, - almost in a fatherlike way encouraged the artless motorist « the guard » an order on the site entrusted to it.

adequately to reflect events, proisshedshie how the inspector and as in combination the competent expert of exit-mobile chemical laboratory shipped the test in an ill-starred vessel, should be possessed the present gift of the prose writer. The smile about even instant back the affable person disappeared, the inspector frowned eyebrows and chilling I smother a voice started to list: metfentaminy, kanabioidy, opiaty, amfentaminy. My friend admitted that anything, except solpodeina as the cog at night was ill, did not accept. Owing to the full pharmaceutical illiteracy at once believed in the version which was offered by the clever inspector:

- So it, the brother, you solpodein also yielded such result. On a white strip and truth any lines of which value an unfortunate companion and the nobility did not dream were showed. But, Thank God! Kind it appeared GIBDDshnik. For eight and a half thousand roubles and the mobile phone in cost of nine thousand entered taki into position, like, so to say, sympathy and, returning back documents, wished happy journey.

at me a question: Really these sly fellows spoil in advance glasses with an aforementioned poison and gain on it money?

how much I understood, the urine analysis passed not simply on a traffic police post, and in mobile chemical laboratory where there were doctors? If is not present, the analysis had no validity, to be exact was simply illegal. "

Even if procedure was spent by doctors in specially equipped medical laboratory, all has been made with infringements. First, the urine analysis, instead of blood, becomes when the person check about the use of drugs. Secondly, take urine should in number of not less than 100 gramme which half will be there and then sealed up (with the signature of the motorist on the press) on a case of judicial proceedings and repeated examinations. Thirdly, to hold a special strip-indicator in urine it is necessary not less than 15-20 seconds, it is better than half-minute (in practice during such divorce a strip take out from urine, without keeping it there and five seconds).

the Drug in an organism simply so does not appear. Medicines on the basis of drugs are on sale only under the recipe, with the notice of the patient that to it the drug is written out. Therefore to listen to idle talk of the werewolf that solpodein or another anaesthetising (pentalgin, norofen …) Which can be bought anywhere without any recipe, contains a drug, it is not necessary. And it is better to ask the prince of roads, how much at it at school in chemistry was.

the given scheme of divorce – a winning game. To resist to it it is so difficult that werewolves from traffic police in arrangement to werewolves from medicine are not afraid of anything. The court always accepts their party, and on the repeated analysis of your urine other doctor necessarily covers a soft place of the mean colleague. For all these reasons the given scheme of divorce is applied in our country everywhere. Besides, when to the driver threatens not only deprivation of the rights, but also a stamp « the addict » it in times becomes more compliant and is more generous. Eight and a half thousand roubles and a mobile phone – copecks against those sums which are given as a payoff to werewolves.

the only thing, than it is possible to resist to the given divorce – Video shooting of procedure of the analysis and call to service of own safety of traffic police (these phones are given more low). To forbid an audio record, video- and photographing workers of traffic police not in the right. You too can make a call, ignoring all possible threats from so-called guards.

now we hold up to shame that post on which there was a described divorce: 73rd kilometre MKADa – it is congress on Freedom street, Northwest district of Moscow. This post costs in street of Freedom, on the right side, if to go to MKADU, directly before congress on the Ring highway. A shame to this post! The chief of workers there inspectors, the chief of traffic police and traffic police SZAO - Zimin Vyacheslav Alekseevich, the deputy chief - Ovsyannikov Nikolay Petrovich. Be attentive, driving by this post, and follow our councils.

Alexander Hlynov

Phones of kontrolno-preventive departments of traffic police of Russia (own safety of traffic police)

Altay territory (3852 63-03-15

the Amur region (4162 35-53-40

the Arkhangelsk region (8182 27-30-85

the Astrakhan region (8512 22-25-75

the Belgorod region (4722 26-34-34

the Bryansk region (4832 74-11-69

Vladimir region (4922 24-19-07

the Volgograd region (8442 30-40-28

the Vologda area (8172 54-70-52

the Voronezh region (4732 20-20-65

Jewish joint-stock company (42622 4-63-55

the Ivanovo area (4932 37-55-34

the Ingush Republic (87322 2-51-84

the Irkutsk region (3952 24-08-20

the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (8662 96-23-22

the Kaliningrad region (4012 30-10-57

The Kaluga region (4842 56-10-36

the Kamchatka area (4152 41-04-04

Karachaevo-Circassian Republic (8782 29-27-98

the Kemerovo region (3842 30-76-07

the Kirov region (8332 58-93-17

Koryak joint-stock company (41543 3-10-02

the Kostroma region (4942 31-23-02

Krasnodar territory (8612 33-53-89

Krasnoyarsk region (3912 65-05-57

the Kurgan region (3522 48-51-23

Kursk area (4712 22-48-67

the Lipetsk region (4742 43-55-62

the Magadan area (41322 65-32-18

Moscow (495 923-78-92

Moscow Region (495 288-81-71

Murmansk area (8152 42-18-46, 27-75-55, 45-67-31

the Nizhniy Novgorod region (8312 75-70-70

the Novgorod region (8162 98-05-34

the Novosibirsk region (3832 20-62-95

the Omsk region (3812 57-97-17

the Orenburg region (3532 79-09-07

the Oryol region (4862 77-24-65

the Penza region (8412 63-07-31

the Perm edge (3422 48-35-68

Primorski Territory (4232 31-06-81

the Pskov area (8112 53-44-44

Republic Adygea (8772 52-49-69

Republic Altai (38822 2-00-20

Republic Bashkortostan (3472 35-85-04

Republic Buryatiya (3012 55-31-25

Republic Dagestan (8722 67-93-08

Republic Kalmykia (84722 2-68-48

Republic Kareliya (8142 71-58-39

Republic Komi (8212 28-22-44

Marias-El Republic (8362 75-00-64

Republic Mordovia (83422 9-86-14

Republic Sakha (Yakutia) (4112 36-19-45

Republic Northern Ossetia-Alanija (8672 52-17-20

Republic Tatarstan (843 41-30-82

Republic Tyva (39422 3-74-59

Republic Khakassia (3902 23-82-83

the Rostov region (863 249-34-04

the Ryazan region (4912 25-26-15

the Samara region (846 262-00-02

St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region (812 335-43-80

the Saratov region (8452 24-42-25

the Sakhalin region (4242 78-02-78