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Daewoo Nexia - a unique foreign car - " natural " got to the Russian top-10

Surprisingly, but Great recession “went round“ the Uzbek model of the economy class which has become by a unique car of foreign manufacture popular in Russians, made for boundaries of our country which got in “hot to ten“ the most demanded cars to the Russian Federation. In the most crisis year of sale of Daewoo Nexia increased more, than on third.

according to Committee of motor-car manufacturers of Association of the European business, cars of the stamp of Uz-Daewoo entered into a top-10 among the foreign cars sold in Russia, taking of 8th position.

thus in December, 2009, in comparison with the similar period of 2008, growth of sales under the stamp as a whole made 33 %. On models a situation following: December sales Nexia grew on 48 %, and Matiz - on 14 %. In report AEB it is noticed that from among entered into a top-10 following the results of a year of models, Nexia became unique, made abroad, writes UzReport. Other participants of first ten are made in Russia.

In an annual rating of models of foreign cars, irrespective of criterion of territory of manufacture, Matiz occupies 5 place, following at once for Nexia with its 4th position. The Uzbek motor-car manufacturer stably showed results close to it within all 2009. Factors of dynamical formation of a dealer network, development of the program of the subsidised autocrediting of Uz-Daewoo Finance, carrying out of non-standard marketing programs affected.

we remind that in the summer of 2008 factory GM Uzbekistan in Asake started a batch production of the budgetary model which passed restyling and have received the new engine. 4/5 from total amount of manufacture of “Uzbek“ the company management delivers on the Russian market, and - at the former price.