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Honda Civic Test drive 4D 2009: dreamboat

Seeing on press park parking « Honda Motor Rus » a heavenly stain of colour neutron blue m, I involuntarily remembered the childhood when the Soviet men postponed « on rouble » on the « dreamboat » … it is possible to name This habitual epithet any secret desire, but more often in my life it sounded in relation to the car.

in those days domestic « dream » cost from five to ten thousand rubles. Today Japanese Honda Civic 4D 2009 manages in the sum from 623 700 to 774 900 roubles depending on a complete set, plus 8 100 for a metallic. By the way, the new sedan is offered in 8 colouring, two of which: Urban Titanium and New Red - new.

conversations about restajle Hondas Civic 4D began how there was a first information on changes in a sedan. After space hetchbeka many waited from designers of Japanese concern for something similarly unusual. When on a scene rolled out the new version, outwardly changes appeared are insignificant, but nobody was disappointed – Honda Civic of 8th generation was already fell in love by much.

so, an exterior updated « tsivika » underwent only careful study of reliefs of a back and peredka – forms became more sports. The front bumper with three air intakes changed under the form received also more outstanding radiator enclosure, the round form of antifog flashlights and the updated colour scale of head lights. All it pretends in front more aggressively. The relief of stoplights behind changed, and glasses povorotnikov became transparent.

an interior, fortunately, strongly did not change, and what for to change and without that a successful combination of ergonomics and design. To tell the truth, I was surprised a little with depth of the panel of devices – it sticks out in interior on indecent 20 see, and if its geometry to make flat, the capacious table would turn out. And perchatochnyj the box appeared very superficial, truth, a small glovebox is compensated by additional boxes for a trifle in the central extension housing, an armrest and in the doorway. But the height and the windshield area won, and together with the big lateral mirrors and a windscreen pillar acute angle the sensation of a glass dome is created. It significantly improves the review and safety during movement.

the most effective difference in interior is expressed, but my sight, in the third spoke of a steering wheel that without an excess added panels « tsivika » sportivnosti. By the way, a wheel just the same, as on sports hetchbeke. Devices too, as well as in five-door « kosmolyote » are located in two levels: over the graceful round five-copeck coin of a tachometre surrounded from two parties with a field of indicators, the arch with an electronic speedometer, a thermometer of temperature of the engine and a fuel level gauge hangs. The laconic on-board computer hides a narrow strip in the heel of a circle of a tachometre and there to it the place – all information by all means should be in sight of the pilot, IMHO.

the Important element for the driver is also the steering wheel saturation – in « tsivike » many functions are accessible within reach of a finger, for example, steering of cruise-control, an autoradio tape recorder or drive, by means of petals of the selector of a gear box.

to a word about a check point, 5-step « the automatic machine » smoothly and without delays touches drives, and in steam c the engine i-VTEC, volume 1,8 litres, « tsivik » allows nenaprjazhno « to play shashechki » sharply to be accelerated on a line or it is comfortable « to float » in a city stream. Even the 140-strong motor knocked down on Japanese standards, gives out on the Russian roads of 180 km/h without any pressure « in an organism ». In various complete sets of new Honda Civic 4D (and their only four: Comfort MT, Elegance MT, Elegance AT, Executive AT) are accessible 6 step « mechanics » or 5 step « the automatic machine ».

the Suspender of 4 door sedans pleased me most of all. Absorbers process « lying policemen » on asphalt and earth road hummocks very softly (compare with hetchbekom!) Even on decent speed for settlements – 40-50 km/h. On rural road round a water basin, the twelfth « to the Harmony » shook on each hummock, passengers of Honda at all did not notice that road not the equal. Also it is effective korotkohodnaja a suspender struggles with lists in bends, besides to it with it helps ESP (system of dynamic stabilisation). Brakes work smoothly and confidently. But you solve, when and with what force to slow down and do not twitch to a windshield at the moment of hard braking. By the way, airbags and ABS at new Honda Civic 4D are already in the base complete set.

One more subject of improvement of a Japanese sedan of middle class – spaciousness. The level floor and interior height in the rear expand possibilities for convenience of passengers. And the increased volume behind, the optimised form of seats, better, than earlier, furnish materials, an excellent skin and soft velour create really a house cosiness.

rather big - 455 litres, besides a back of a rear seat it is possible to combine luggage compartment volume in a proportion 1/3, 2/3 and completely level with a floor that essentially increases a luggage compartment. It is interesting that engineers finished also access to it – in the former version the boot lid could be opened only by means of a lever in interior. The new version received function of remote opening of a luggage compartment from a key.

as a whole, the excellent copy of a golf class on comfort, design and capacity, dynamics and roadability, and the most important thing, for reasonable price turned out.

edition « Business autoclub » thanks the company « Honda Motor Rus » for the given car.