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Mazda MX-5 Test drive: love to a constancy

Confidence of that any thing or the person in the course of time remain such as you remember them, instal calmness: it is easy to learn, it is not necessary to get used, at last, you know, that to expect.

to take, for example, the Crimean coast during a resort season. Not so comfortably, but our, native, heating I smother soft accent pastime.

presentation of the updated roadster of Mazda MX-5 at the Crimean coast – this pleasure in pleasure. Where as not on brisk quays Alushty, among trading numbers with berries and fruit, among the weakened persons of Russian-speaking almost naked people, in aroma of magnolias and steams « Massandry » you learn true reaction of potential buyers to occurrence of the effective car for rest and for yourself? At an objective estimation of new model of Mazda MX-5 public reaction – the important factor as it is not enough to such car to be pleasant only to the owner …

It should call desire to possess itself(himself) the overwhelming majority that MX-5 with success and does. « here they rich and successful, go on smart cars » - people dry lips in the scorched ears whispered. It would be possible to answer truth, what not such and rich, and the car quite accessible but to remain the happy idler in the opinion of strangers it appeared very pleasantly! And to what of a word, if your car in the attention centre, you in childish delight from an obedient and temperamental roadster, and ahead of hundred kilometres in the most beautiful places of the Ukrainian coast of Black sea. It is a lot of work? In a head weight of marks « not to forget » « to write » « to discuss » and so forth? When you get into the car fervent Mazda MX-5, the brain reboots in a mode zoom-zoom, giving lives so necessary in a mad rhythm hours of satisfaction itself and world around.

on it « Paraphrases » my colleague Dimy Lipkin with the greatest effort have been stopped. And here the emotions characterising MX-5 travel, there was in our hearts a big set. Some of them can be seen in a photo gallery, but about all one after another.

that such test drive from Mazda – these are 3 days of unforgettable travel, sensitive care and genuine pleasure. Landed in Simferopol, the brain almost instantly reacted function deenergizing « work ». We were met hospitably by the Hollywood smile of the manager of the project of Anton Demidov. Melodious tone of a voice of the guide accompanied us on the way to legendary rallijnoj lines « Yalta » where the Russian racer Oleg Keselman serious and assured of the business spent short instructing, and the charming and temperamental manager of press park Oleg Zadorozhnyj seated on cars of 20 autojournalists.

Contrasting with a background of cloudy mountains, cheerfully played patches of light of beams of the southern sun graceful planes of varnish bodies of the updated roadsters of Mazda MX-5. The car - a handsome man! And after all models 20 years … For these years the roadster had time to be noted in the Guinness Book of Records, as the most sold 2 local sport car. Despite that Russia is sold only 250 copies MX-5, worldwide by owners of this sports car of a steel of 850 000 persons. But what sportivnost is possible at 2 litre engine? - You ask. We check up... We Answer …

Is better a racing line nothing can confirm sportivnost the car. So, we on site start rallijnoj lines. 3 green fires of a special traffic light blink, the phrase sounds: « your minute &hellip went; 30 seconds … 15 seconds … 5 seconds … Start! » Pedal in a floor and, throwing out from under wheels small pebbles, MX-5 darts off, activating a stop watch, driving by a photo cell. The roadster motor forces an arrow of a tachometre to reach during an instant of red sector, and all through 50 metres, on the first bend, it is necessary urgently ottormazhivatsja to be entered in « R3 it is narrow ». The asphalt line represents a mountain streamer rolling in trees with steep rocks and breakages along the edges. Turning movements flash in the opinion of the pilot, and the figures designating a corner and the party of turning movement, are convulsively confused in consciousness of not skilled navigator: R2 - L1-R3 - R2 double - L3 - L2 - R6 a hairpin … easy MX-5 quickly enters into line acute angles, it is tenacious catching at slippery Crimean asphalt, dispersal, a brake chatter and adrenaline litres. Uf! Finish! For 1 minute 51 second is overcome 3 rallijnyh kilometre by Dima Lipkin, 2 minutes of 11 seconds – my result. And it on « the automatic machine ». For comparison: For 1 minute of 39 seconds Oleg Keselman on « goes; to the mechanic ». A small break and calling on the following circle. Only looking at hours, you understand that passed 4 hours journalistic « competitions ». Who the first? – not important, not behind it arrived. The main thing - proved kontseptualnost sports, convenient in the operation, the classical roadster of Mazda MX-5 improved in details.

Comfortable even at the hoisted roof. Engineers raised ruggedness of door modules for reduction of vibrations bokovin the car, lowered level of a resonance of wheels and added sound insulation. fast! the Rigid roof develops for 12 seconds. powerful! the 2-litre motor in the union with a 6-step automatic or mechanical box of a gear shift develops the maximum capacity of 160 horsepowers at 6700 and 7000 turns in a minute accordingly. Dynamical the roadster is dispersed to 100 km/h for 7,9 seconds and develops the maximum speed to 218 km/h. steady! Engineers redesigned position of trunnion balls of a front suspension therefore lowered height of a shaft of a list on 26 mm. At movement in turning movement it reduces the efforts passed from wheels to a body, and reduces a list on turning movements. safe! wooden blocks enter Into a safety framework for protection at overturning, protection elements built in a frame of a windshield at an angle collision and rigid cross-section beams of the bottom of a body. Accessible! The price in version Sport with MKPP 1 232 658 rbl., and in version Comfort on « the automatic machine » - 1 251 964 rbl. are a little for such car. Simpatjaga! Proofs on a photo.

Having sated with sports spirit, we went behind new sensations in Alushtu. After a racing line to go quickly does not pull – It would be desirable to flaunt in a refined coupe with an open roof, echoing favourite melodies. Next day - a line of Alushta – Sevastopol – Yalta. Voyage across Crimea showed all delights of possession to this magnificent cars. Amateur rally on streamer hinge strains Ah-petri allowed to test stability in drift, accuracy of a steering on abrupt bends-hairpins, efficiency of brakes on uneasy mountain road. In mountains we not once had to get under a downpour. From namokanija interior and passengers of a car the roof which in few seconds turned from luggage to a body part operatively rescued.

uncertainty behind each turning movement the roads tremendous landscapes of the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea sights, falls and rocks, blue of the sky and bottomless space of the sea, benevolent persons of employees of the company of Mazda and lovely Ukrainian service. All this charm plus the fine graceful car inspiring indisputable confidence of reliability though for two days, but created distinct illusion of perfection of the World around.

Finamauto thanks colleague Dmitry Lipkin for the company and the co-authorship, and company collective « Mazda Rus » for impressing test drive.