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Online conference: «the Car market: now the market of the buyer, instead of the seller?»

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
today at 13:00 Moscow time on site conference on a theme begins: « the Car market: now the market of the buyer, instead of the seller? »

on a car market the quantity of tempting discounts and special offers on car purchase grows. Saturation which manufacturers on dynamically developing Russian car market waited not so soon, came practically at once: financial crisis sharply lowered consumer ability of the population.

increase of rates under autocredits, toughening of requirements to borrowers, the financial instability, the rising in price dollar and becoming cheaper oil again return us to understanding of the car, as luxury goods, instead of as « means of transportation »? What will be credit programs on car purchase if will be? How the secondary market will feel? What discount dealers and manufacturers already are now ready to give those who did not refuse yet purchase and prepares to get the car? How current crisis affects foreign and domestic motor-car manufacturers? What stamps will be most subject to fluctuations of demand because of crisis? How much business of dealers has been focused on extra means? Whether change of structure of the market of sellers waits for us? Whether bankruptcies, interflows and absorption of autodealers are possible?

participants of conference:
  • Ivan Bonchev , the senior manager of the company " Ernst & Young " the head of industrial group on automotive industry
  • Evgenie Shago , the head of analytical department UK " Ingosstrah-investments "
  • Alexey Bizin , an analyst of Bank " Petrokommerts "
  • Konstantin Romanov , analyst IK " finam "
  • Ivan Zavadsky , an analyst on mechanical engineering IK " Kapital " to ask questions to experts it is possible already now!