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Dreams of Sobjanina: the car inspector becomes the friend to the driver

Conviction in the given thesis, in overwhelming majority of cases contradicting existing daily practice, was stated by the mayor of Moscow, addressing to the international congress passing in a city “the traffic Organization in the Russian Federation“. The town governor promised to make from it all depending that changes in accents of work felt on themselves both drivers, and employees of the State traffic inspectorate.

“we do the utmost, but also from you all is required possible to stop corruption on roads“, - S.Sobjanin told, expressing also confidence that car inspectors should be people “not what stand and try to render any pressure on participants of movement, and those who helps and organises movement“.

Among the prime moments which, according to Sobjanina, it is necessary to eradicate in city streets, the mayor of Moscow named a situation with a parking of cars on road shoulders of a carriageway of roads. The mayor noticed that for realisation of the similar plan in a megacity it is necessary to construct 1-3 million parking spaces. “It is the superprogram which demands enormous money“, - the mayor underlined.

to its realisation, continued S.Sobjanin, it is necessary to involve investment resources, and the city authorities, in turn, are engaged in work on allocation of the ground areas for building of parkings and to maintenance of an infrastructure necessary for their functioning, passes ITAR-TASS.

at this S.Sobjanin once again underlined necessity of private investment for building of parking.“ If we think that it pays the state, and that further operation will be paid too by the state then we can tell that the program nerealistichna, and that occurred (on lines) will occur “, - was concluded by the head of the Moscow administration.

earlier on consideration of the capital mayoralty the offer from experts NIiPI of the General plan - the head Moscow institute which is engaged in workings out of projects of town-planning arrived. Scientists suggest the mayor to create on a commercial basis diving parkings in a city. Building will not cost to the city budget copecks. Readiness to co-operate with the government of Moscow in project realisation already was declared by world leaders on manufacture of the automated technics.