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Peugeot 308 Test drive: Motor Boom

Admirers of the French car industry had an occasion to pleasure. And to thank for it it it is necessary a German motor-car manufacturer.

in the middle of February of Peugeot officially declared that starts to sell in Russia hatchbacks with an index « 308 ». While orders are accepted on five-door cars with 1.6-litre motors by capacity to 150 l. With. On pages « Wheels » the car got to complete sets Premium with the 120-strong engine and with an automatic transmission.

if sideways or behind Peugeot 308 it is similar on « younger » 207th model in front the hatchback bears a strong resemblance « the senior relative » with an index « 407 ». Basically, thanks to a wide predatory mouth of the central air intake. Besides, round antifog flashlights (on 307th model) evolved in trapezoid light devices, the form and an arrangement identical to analogues from « 407th ».

But that distinguishes « 308th » from colleagues on a brand, so this original registration peredka: the relief of a surface of a motor compartment simulates a triangular cover of a cowl with inflow on an edge in the form of the cats nose. On bokovinah bodies acted relief vyshtampovki: for a long time it not « sinned » designers of Peugeot – apparently, cast the Bavarian motors.
the direction in Architecture of interior of Peugeot 308 in comparison with the predecessor did not change. But to interior details « three hundred eighth » it is given much more attention.
the first white dials of devices with chromeplated obodkami and red arrows are evident. The same sparkling fringing extended on five round deflektorov systems of the ventilation, replaced more trivial « rectangles » and on furnish of the selector of an automatic transmission. And, certainly, on the lion who has risen on hinder legs traditionally decorating a wheel.

Last, by the way, got from Peugeot 207, and underwheel the control board music and on-board computer screens on « priborke » and the central extension housing are inherited from « four hundred seventh ».

And here the control board dvuhzonnym climate control absolutely new. It to steer much easier, than, say, the similar device in Peugeot 407. To find the necessary handle or section it is possible even to the touch.

seats – soft enough, but sprofilirovany it is excellent. And look and at all as sports « ladles ». Rear passengers too not in insult. Places behind became more both at width, and for knees. However, together with Peugeot 308 motor adopted at BMW one more – now it is the car for the driver.

a find for admirers of Peugeot 308 – 1.6-litre 150-strong turbomotor, already lighted in Russia under a cowl 207 – it is completed with exclusively mechanical transmission. With an automatic transmission this motor is offered in deforsirovannoj to 140 l. With. Versions.
the engine powerful, equal and elastic; it Quickly extends 1 300-kilogramme hetch on any speeds and at any range of turns of the engine. It will be not not spoilt even by French « the automatic machine » …
And under a cowl of our test hatchback there is more accessible engine – the 1.6-litre atmospheric unit capacity of 120 l. With, also designed by engineers of BMW. Reliable and tjagovityj the engine does not bring even then, when « the automatic machine » forgets to depress drive and gives possibility to begin dispersal (at 20 km/h) from the third drive.

yes, automatic transmissions of Peugeot still long « think » and it is frequent « accept » incorrect decisions. In manual (and partially in sports) a mode of behaviour of a box the problem of a choice of drive acts in film, but responses on movement of the selector and on actions by a gas pedal, as before, – insufficiently fast.
BMWs gave engines in exchange for capacities. And why Frenchmen did not ask to add to motors also German « automatic machines »?
Drawings of the 1.6-litre motors of BMW gave in exchange for capacities. The part of such engines assembled in France, leaves under cowls to Peugeot and Citroen, and the others aggregate Mini.

the Car is given by the company « the Car the Premium » – the official dealer of Peugeot.