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Traffic police divorce: you are drunk! (A part the first)

At unfair workers of traffic police still set of dodges and meanness to dissolve the motorist on a bribe or if money at a victim of extortion is not present, to pursue the scheme on catching of infringers. Finamauto continues a series of the materials opening the schemes of frauds of werewolves with staffs.

it is already told how it is easily possible to make the infringer going on vstrechke of us, and the villain who has disappeared from a place of road accident. The turn now came to tell, as it is possible easily and to make the drunk of absolutely sober driver quickly. Punishment for pjanku is at the wheel provided by article 12.8 a part of 1 KoAP: deprivation of the rights to steering of a vehicle for a period of 18-24 months, discharge from steering of a vehicle, a direction on medical survey, withdrawal of the drivers licence and vehicle detention. At repeated similar infringement to the driver deprivation of the right of steering by a vehicle for 3 years (article 12.8 a part of 4 KoAP) shines. How much it in roubles, even is terrible to think: if in Moscow the auction for vstrechku which attracts less rigid punishment, begins with 70 000 roubles to pay off from pjanki at the wheel it is possible, likely, only selling the car.

werewolves fulfil not one scheme of transformation of the sober driver in drunk, and whole three. The first and the second are calculated on prostachkov, surrendering at once, and it is almost impossible to come off last, and God forbid to get to this muzzle.

so, the scheme the first, easy. You stop, ask documents, it is anxious them study, throwing on you sidelong glances, and ask to pass on a post or in a patrol car. Began! You think about everything, only not that will check you on alcohol as you did not drink for a long time … Yesterday it is exact! And if drank, it is exactly so much, that by the morning all disappeared. But, strangely enough, you ask to breathe in a tubule or in alkotester. There is nothing – you easy breathe, where to you veleno … But what is it? For some reason the device shows more than 0,3 promille, and in a case with a tubule, it for some reason reddens! The device cannot say lies, we in it believe bezzagovorochno, therefore we start to think convulsively, whence an exhaust? After the yesterdays? Not – it has been drunk it is insignificant a little! It was unsuccessfully sprinkled a little by eau de toilette in the morning? Here still! It is More 0,3 promille all the same! Reflected? Instead of it would be necessary! On that and calculation – during this moment GAI officers watch your reaction. It as in poker: the main thing – any emotions and meditations. It is necessary for you at once, but easy to declare, what to be more sober than you it to is impossible, last time you took alcohol with one week ago and even perfume cannot become the reason of indications alkotestera. Therefore you are ready to go with quiet conscience on medical survey. The main thing – do not swear, leave to GAI officers an opening that they could « to reconsider » instrument readings. To carry you sober for medical examination they do not want – for it it are threatened with punishment, according to one of orders of a management of traffic police. Most likely, they politely ask you blow once again supposedly the device could to be aired badly after last use. You blow again and, strangely enough, the device shows less than 0,3 promille. You are free.

the small reservation: people with a gastritis, a pregastritis and it is simple with the raised acidity (a frequent heartburn) will be always « drunk » as the device does not distinguish these conditions.

the second scheme is more artful, but too it is possible to get out of it rather easily if not to lose self-control. That on you fulfil the second scheme it is possible to guess on the device alkotestera: The big device standing on a table which are equipped with the display and unpacking results of whiffs. The inattention to listing can make of you drunk. As soon as you blow in this alkotester, the check-listing gets out of it. In it it will be told that you are unequivocally drunk, but the main thing not it, and time standing nearby. Be verified with the hours, with hours on alkotestere, and GAI officers ask to verify – results of the previous test, spent to steam of minutes are unpacked back. Therefore or we will blow without fools, or went on medical board, behind punishment about which it was told during the description of the first scheme.

divorce the author of article tested both these on itself. Pleasant it is not enough, but pleases at least that there is a possibility to throw off from itself false charge, and there and then, on a place.

it is more difficult with the third scheme. If you will get under such processing to return yourself a good name it will be possible only court and internal investigation, and only under condition of correct countersteering during divorce. It is a question of the scheme when dishonourable workers of traffic police arrange to the same unscrupulous doctors – then you without fear and doubts carry on medical survey, to refuse from which it is impossible (article 12.26 a part of 1 KoAP – deprivation of the rights to 18-24 months). The driver thus can be made not simply drunk, and even the addict! But this big and difficult scheme - a theme of following article which will be published on in a week, on Monday, on November, 2nd.

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