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Automobile GPS-navigator Lexand ST-565: with smack of an apple

At us in « viewing » there was curious enough device – the autonavigator from Lexand, a device from breed of what design absorbed popular styles gadzhetostroenija …

So, we start to study the device.

the device Case is indeed very fashionable and executed entirely in the spirit of already guessed that – the screen zapodlitso with a front panel, a fringing under metal, a rear wall from glossy plastic with the smoothed down corners.
the case, by the way, very not bad is assembled: the device is felt in a hand as monolithic smooth brusok; any poskripyvany by pressing corners we did not notice.

however, by direct comparison to the praobrazom, the navigator does not call that reaction of tearing away as it occurs, for example, with counterfeit « Ajfonami » with two SIM CARDS and a television receiver. Here and type and even it is simple dimensions of devices very different, paternal similarity is perceived any more as copying, and as « development of progressive tendencies of design ».

Unloading box contents, we find everything that is necessary for using for the automobile owner: the navigator, a battery charger with a socket for a nest prikurivatelja, a cable miniUSB – USB for joint with the personal computer, a bracket with a sucker for installation on glass, and also made of cloth cheholchik for resocks in a pocket – not to scratch the display about keys.

the delivery complete set includes also a chart microSD on which the navigation program is written down. Slot for a chart together with all switching sockets and the button « reset » settled down on the right lateral face of the device.
on opposite bokovine, the stylus &ndash below hid; sliding telescopic, in circulation convenient enough. Though, at work in the navigating program and the basic sections of the menu it is not required – the interface is focused on steering of directly fingers.

it is engaged. The main menu of the device is organised by a matrix principle and consists of two screens. Here almost all icons went in on one and only one as the poor lamb, was sheltered on the second field. However, in the senior models it will have a company and on the second screen icons « will be added; Bluetooth » « the Browser » « MS Office » etc. – everything that developers want to put there.
appearance of the menu is very pleasant. The display under the characteristic idle time – TFT, 65 000 colours, but at the expense of a choice of a dark background and the colour, accurately traced icons look the menu very not bad.

screens of the second level of the menu on registration are identical to the first – it looks beautifully and stilisticheski vyderzhanno.
On a set of functions and their realisation the navigator appears it is similar to a middle class mobile phone – almost all same possibilities.
speed of conveyance under the menu seemed rough – at fulfilment of the same actions the device that reacted instantly, for a second-two « reflected ». But, probably, it is problems of our sample, it does not occur to others.

specially it is necessary to note, perhaps, function of viewing of video files. The device without problems and everyone podtormazhivany showed the film written down on a chart in a format.AVI in the size 700 Mb, it was not required to any converting. Considering that the navigator supports charts to 8 Gb, it can become a quite good mode to pass away time – for example, expecting transition to border, or a beloved near boutique.

russification obviously limps. In games, for example, there and here that gets out English, in general hieroglyphs. It is possible to write notes only a Latin, and the keyboard not QWERTY, and alphabetic ABCDE – etc. one after another. It, maybe, seems to Someone convenient, but to users of the personal computer such apportion is unusual. However, very few people will write in general notes on the navigator, and in games all and so it is clear, be they of jotas entirely on Chinese.
but here at work with options « nedorusifikatsija » can already strain and looks as an obvious defect. Look: a certain question is set in English, and in Russian only answers « yes » and « cancellation ». Everything, what could translate? All is better then was in English
However, the instruction to the device settling and all options, installations, work, there are registered poshagovo. Do not lose it.

the computer the navigator as automatically defines the external store - a flash card where it is possible to write down any file. But for some reason not each personal computer « sees » The device – probably, here business in updatings Windows. At forums recommend to download for personal computer SyncML and then the device will be « it is visible ».

On our device initially there was a program of SitiGid, but at desire it is possible to replace it with any another, establishing a chart with necessary ON and registering a program way in corresponding point of the menu. We, for example, put iGo – works.

the main task – work in a mode of navigation the device carries out on all hundred. « iron » the device provides functioning of the navigating program (we tested « SitiGid and iGo) it is accurate and qualitative. In the course of testing never happened, that the navigator « slowed down » or « overslept » turning movement.

As to convenience of using here the arrangement of the plug of a battery charger not from below, and sideways cases seemed not quite successful - the wire constantly as though breaks and loosens a nest, besides considerably sticks out sideways in sight.
but bezogovorchno the fastening bracket to glass was pleasant: the sucker holds perfectly, but thus easily acts in film; sharovyj the hinge allows to expose the device in the best position; fastening of the navigator to a support reliable and convenient in circulation.

instead of the resume.
the Device is constructed on a standard Chinese platform which is used in ten other stamps, and tehnmcheski almost differs nothing from the odnoklassntkov, bearing other name onboard. In conditions when all scoop from one one ODM-source, for advancement in the market remains practically only two obvious ways: Or dempingovat, putting the price more low srednerynochnoj, or to try to play on appearance of a product, hooking on the buyer “vau-design“.
in this direction experts in marketing in the device considered above also went: at comparable with competitors to a stuffing and the price (from 6990 rub in a network), the model has bright design in the spirit of fashionable “Ajfona“. koiu such similarity will be bezralichno, another, can, frightens off, but for someone. It becomes certain by the attractive moment of a choice.

in detail technical characteristics Lexand ST-565 look here: