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Volkswagen Amarok: the most economic in the world the pickup entered the market

At Volkswagen Amarok three main reasons zavevat popularity - profitability, safety and a wide load box.

high for cars of this class profitability has been reached by means of system introduction neposredstvenogo injection Common-Rail. Thanks to it, the engine biTDI capacity of 120 kw/ 163 l. With. And volume 2,0 l, equipped with an adjustable double turbo-supercharging, it turned out not only powerful (it already at 1500 rpm reaches the maximum twisting moment 400 •), but also economic: only 7,6 l/100 of km. As the second variant of the engine from the midpoint of 2010 four-cylinder engine TDI capacity of 90 kw/ 122 l will be accessible. With. Its distinctive feature is, among other things, the turbocharger with changeable geometry of the turbine. At rotary speed from 2000 rpm compact engine TDI develops a twisting moment 340 N • the m. This engine spends only 7,5 l of fuel for 100 km.

As to safety, besides face-to-face airbags of the driver and the front passenger in Amarok lateral airbags are provided is a rarity in the given segment. Besides, headrests regulated on height and three-dot seat belts for all lateral seats, except an average behind are established.

Safety in Amarok is supported by numerous additional systems. In Europe and Rosii the car basic set includes electronic system of maintenance of a road-holding ability (ESP). Besides, in all versions with the tjagovo-drawbar system ESP includes function of stabilisation of the trailer. At speed to 100 km/h function Off-road which simple pressing of the button switches systems ESP, electronic blocking of differentials (EDS), protivobuksovochnuju system (ASR) and antiblocking system (ABS) in a mode of behaviour adapted for cross-country conditions becomes more active. At speed less function Off-road allows also to support than 30 km/h constant speed on abrupt downslopes.

Besides, Volkswagen Amarok can boast of the most spacious interior and the widest cargo platform in the class. The length of a cargo platform makes 1555 mm, width — 1620 mm. The load box useful area reaches 2,52 square metres, and load-carrying capacity - 1,15 t.

Volkswagen Amarok will be accessible in rear-wheel (in a basic set) and the all-wheel drive version. Front seats regulated on height, a rear seat enter into a standard complete set with a folding pillow, a glovebox with the lock and a lamp for cargo compartment. A distinctive detail are the aerials of radio built in exterior mirrors and navigating systems. Topovaja version Amarok Highline can boast of the chromeplated inserts on a body and in interior, climate control and the advanced audiosystem.