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Hummer: what it was also what did not become

At General Motors remains two months to find buyers of unprofitable Hummer. If investors and do not appear, Hummer stamp stops the existence. Finamauto remembers stamp history. Perhaps, in it the reason of low sales of Hummer disappears?

Hummer cars had not too good reputation: them define as cars massive, clumsy, uneconomical and soiling environment. Throughout all history of Hummer, the relation to the stamp in a society was very ambiguous. What it, errors of experts in marketing and PR managers, or simply banal bad luck? We begin with how the stamp arose.

Hummer and Jeep more than it is simple competitors. They blood relatives. In 1971, a year later after American Motors bought Jeep brand, the company made decision to create special division AM General to create cars for the state needs, such as known post Jeep (postal Jeep). In this division thought up later and exhausted HumVee - the legendary car of army of the USA. HumVee it became known after it used in the first war with Iraq, in the same way, as Jeep got popularity in the Second World War.

the first civil version HumVee company AM General exhausted in 1992 under name The Hummer. The car turned out too bulky for city roads: it simply was not located on one strip. Later Hummers renamed model The in H1.

In 1999 AM General entered into the agreement with GM about co-production and sale of cars under Hummer stamp. In 2002 there was model H2. And though at present H2 all the same looks on roads as a clumsy hippopotamus, this model became Hummer first step to creation of more compact cars adapted for an everyday life. General Motors even seriously was discussed by possibility of creation hybrid H2.

the Following model H3 became the smallest car of Hummer. On razmerkam it is comparable about Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Pathfinder. However PR managers of Hummer badly worked at correcting image of a brand: Hummer in public consciousness all the same remained too massive and slow. Despite it, H3 and to this day is the most sold model of Hummer.

it is necessary to tell, Hummer always called very ambiguous responses potential buyers. So, when in 2006 McDonalds used in Heppi milah toy machines of Hummer, it called such rough reaction that it was possible to think as if the network of restaurants put in childrens dinners on a pack of cigarettes. One organisation on environment protection made the special form for the electronic letter in McDonalds with the standard text: " I am shaken by that fact that McDonalds, declaring myself as about the company caring of children, uses childrens dinners of Heppi of Mylae for advancement of off-road cars of Hummer ".

In the end of 2006 designers created kontsept Hummer O2 strikingly different from everything that the stamp offered. O2 was the complete antithesis to image of Hummer as anti-harmless brand. In kontsepte fuel cells, reformative fuel in an electricity were used. It allowed not only to reduce, but also at all unitozhit harmful blowouts. Besides, panels of its body have been filled by the seaweed developing oxygen. O2 became hammerom of which never was. It exists only in 3D-models which in the end of 2006 used for participation in competition of design projects.

and here kontsept HX, which Hummer predsatvila on the Detroit showroom in 2008, - quite could become the stamp future. Designers saved firm angular shape of Hummer, but thus HX on dimensions even it is less, than the smallest Hummer H3. Besides, HX could become the most economic model of the stamp.

if Hummer all the same has been sold Chinese Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery at kontsepta HX there would be a future: Chineses promised to realise stamp plans. But as the transaction and did not take place, kontsept HX, seemingly, and remains kontseptom...