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Dodge Avenger: In a fog

Foggy … And and in the street, and on a shower. I like the car, at the wheel which I am, but, is assured, not many divide my emotions.

and even if divide – will not be pulled to purses. Dodge Avenger is good, harmonious and convenient, but … to Whom and for what wants « to revenge » at the wheel it « the Avenger »?

Getting acquainted with any car, sooner or later you are interested in a price – to understand, with what measure of an estimation to approach. We look …. In America – from 19 295. Dollars. In Russia – from 752 500. In roubles. Or from 21 500 – in euro. It with the 2.0-litre engine: versions 2.4 are more expensive a minimum for 60 000 rbl.

Certainly, a difference – not so impressing as, we tell at Nitro (here corresponding figures: $20 000 in America and 1 100 000 rbl. at us: i.e. 30 000 euros), but all the same &hellip there are more;

It turns out that in Russia Avenger costs as much, how much Mondeo, Camry, Accord and Passat. That a name – a legend! Let this word in the given context sounds a little pathosly but who doubts unconditional authority of concrete models and their manufacturers?

Dodge which have begun sales in Russia hardly of more year back, has no such authority: to earn its time was not, and memory of the ordinary Russian motorist hardly sends it to cult for the American to models of type Charger or Challenger.

And at us hardly probable not the most popular « dodzhem » until recently were mastodont Ram and mythical Viper Stratus 1995 modelling years which was in large quantities imported about five-seven years ago. They could create what image?

so, it is heavy Avenger to win to itself a place in the sun – as it is uneasy to its developers to explain, why it is necessary to refuse from checked up « Japanese » and « Europeans » in advantage « the Yankee »...

deliberately rough forms of Dodge as an argument « for » are extremely doubtful, though it is impossible to deny integrity « an exterior » Avenger. Dodge not « dodzh » without square headlights and fat radiatornoj the lattices which main member, the cross, apparently, is visible from space.

Dodje Avenger

Technical characteristics: the data of the manufacturer
Dimensions (length/width/height): 4850/1843/1497 mm the Road gleam: 135 mm Volume of the engine and capacity: 2.0 l (156 h.p.) Dispersal to 100 km/h: 12.1c the Maximum speed: 200 km/h Average fuel consumption on a line: 7.8 l/100 of km
are included Into a standard complete set of Dodge cruise-control, the air conditioner, an electropackage, 6 airbags. It is possible to complete the car with the hatch, climate control, a radio tape recorder from CD/DVD – a changer on 6 disks

Other integral attributes – an aggressive bumper and a very tall line of doors over which narrow strips of windows seem even more modest. Such style at it, such image. It is not pleasant – your problems!

in an interior of such harmony is not present. Again you understand: those who speaks about absolutely identical autopriorities at Americans and Russians are wrong. At us after all the big sedan – it necessarily business class. And for a business class interior Avenger is simple-minded.

materials torpedo – Rigid, the steering wheel too is unpleasant to the touch though the successful fellow under fingers is made on all inside of a wheel. Each element on the central extension housing is executed in the style that does not create impression of complete design.

and the complete set surprises. It is necessary: in the car for 800 with superfluous tyshch there is no climate control – only the air conditioner (climate control can be reserved in a package dopoborudovanija)!

And leather interior even it is impossible to reserve … Not that that it is strongly necessary to me, but all the same...

Here at quality of assembly you will not carp. Though, pass 50 m on the dealer centre – there, where sparkle a three-beam star German « relatives » let and were, Dodge on DaimlerChrysler, and they remind: there is no limit to perfection. And here to a smart radio tape recorder on certain loudness (not other-wordly) begin « to echo » vibrating, interior panels. And bulbs on a ceiling.


In a basic set from 872 984 rbl. the Complete set from an automatic transmission: (variator) from 914 904 rbl. the Maximum complete set: from 1 069 484 rbl. * to a Central Bank rate at date of material preparation. Details specify at dealers.

But internal space – though take away. And the luggage compartment opening from interior by means of the mighty button to the left of a wheel, pleases with capacity.

the engine by our car capacity in 170 l. With. Not a surprise – same costs under a cowl of many models dajmlerkrajslerovskoj technicians. For two-ton Avnger it is quite enough of it.

by the way, testing krajslerovsky analogue Sebring (July issue « see; Wheels ») I remained is happy with this motor where to a lesser degree: then its capacity obviously did not suffice. Here – any problems.

why so? Because of character of Dodge, in which main qualities – sedateness and regularity: do not press on gas aggressively – then also the engine seems almost silent, and four-stage « the automatic machine » will switch drives almost without delays. And let the wheel has no sharpness, but it is possible to consider it as a cavil: all behaviour Avenger rejects any desire « to make jokes ». And the more so – « to revenge »!

It floats on road slowly and confidently.

and here for comfort of a suspender – gallant! The big roughnesses it smoothes simply perfectly well, and irritating potrjasyvany on asphalt a minimum.

the car does not hide the advantages and at once declares the possibilities. It is clear and very convenient in steering. On it it is difficult to be aggressive, but effective – why is not present?

Avavnger reminded ours « Volga ». Certainly, not a complete set, not running

advantages or – forgive, My God! – quality of assembly. Simply before me – the big fair car, the serious car which speaks: « Love me such what I am ». But whether fall in love? Foggy …

we Compare

AvtomobilDodge AvengerFord MondeoSkoda Superb of sales 2007 2007 2004 Engines, l (l. With.) 2.0 (156)
2.4(170) 1.6 (125)
2.0 (145)
2.3 (161)
2.5 T (220)
2.0 TD (130)
2.0 TD (140 1.8 T (150)
1.9 TD (131)
2.8 (193)