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Irkutsk - Moscow on Peugeot 308! Day the fourth. Tulun - Krasnoyarsk

Tulun if we in it do not stop on a lodging for the night, perhaps, was not remembered by anything. We tell so, « one of many » … it is a lot of Such places and in Siberia, but across all Russia. Therefore risen at half past six local time, we did not begin to search and inspect local sights, and had simply breakfast. In eight already were in a way. Tulun - Krasnoyarsk, 676 kilometres .

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It is necessary to tell that the yesterdays macadam road in a place of Tuljushka was still anything … Florets. And berries began on the way to Krasnoyarsk.

the ideal asphalt coat was sharply replaced rubble-gravie-heat-sand by potholes. And a grief to you if you and without the air conditioner go to a heat for someone slow. In 2 minutes you will be the same colour, as road under you. Then again 3-5-километровый a piece of an ideal road cloth with a marking and protections, but it SUDDENLY comes to an end, and trofi-spot-check again begins.

as artful sites of asphalt road on which the covering bugrilos-bubbled came across; or it has been honeycombed by holes … all roughnesses became appreciable By the meanness law of metres for 10-15. Therefore after pair extreme braking, I became even more diligent driver. On many sites continually there was a doubt: whether on correct I ways? Only signs (М53) convinced me that I not on the thrown track (about it spoke me my sight), and on a federal line.

308th on this road suffered together with the driver. To its honour, the suspender did not make the way never, roughnesses were blanked out moderately possibilities. Brakes not once or twice simply pleased …

Drove to Krasnoyarsk by the evening. Long searched for the necessary hotel. And tomorrow at us the longest stage. To Novosibirsk. And it would be desirable to look and Krasnoyarsk. Here it is a lot of that interesting. Unlike Tulun.