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Suzuki Grand Vitara Test drive 3d: city bizonchik

Three-door Suzuki Grand Vitara because of the small sizes and box presence « the automatic machine » some consider « female enough » an off-road car. But sowing in it, I instantly felt « mans spirit ». Obviously, to me car test drive was spent by the man.

the interior dusty and filled up by ashes, packing from under French fries in a door pocket, not clear packages on a rear seat, the radio which has been adjusted on a wave with hits of Tatyana Ovsienko of the midpoint of 90th years in any way did not allow to me to believe that this car can be basically female. « it would be necessary to try to wash... » - the thought while I went from a showroom « constantly turned; the Auto world » and behind these thoughts I at all did not notice that at once was accustomed to dimensions. The big lateral mirrors, the good review and high landing in an armchair reminded me that I am all the same at the wheel a crossover.

to Get into interior to the driver and the front passenger it is convenient enough – doors are not heavy, steps are low. Whimsical resetting of an armchair first did not allow to relax completely in the car – in « semilying » condition Grand Vitara it is impossible to drive. But then with an obstinate armchair to consult nevertheless it was possible. To otkidyvaniju front seats for an input of rear passengers also it was necessary to be accustomed. However, it is a minus of all three-banger cars.

from comfort elements in « Grandee Vitare » there is an electric drive of mirrors, resetting of a discharge angle of a steering wheel, heating up of the front seats, four coasters, the automatic air conditioner, duplication of steering by an audiosystem and a mode obduva on a steering wheel. All it, by the way, is provided by a standard complete set.

also in « to base » there are six airbags: Two face-to-face, two lateral and protective shtorki. From active systems on Grand Vitara 3d antiblocking system ABS and road-holding ability system are established.

the rear door fastening on lateral hinge strains, is equipped dovodchikami-zamedliteljami – chances to be « slammed » by the car come to naught that should please. Easily thrown back third door hides small disappointment: a small luggage compartment in volume only 184 l. But if it is required more places, there is a possibility to save on passengers: at the combined rear seats the luggage compartment volume increases to 516 l. Separately it is necessary to note a good noise isolation of interior. From sounds of environment the attention is involved only with signals of hooters of neighbours-motorists.

under passport Grand Vitara with the engine of 2,4 l and capacity of 166 h.p. Types 100 km/h for 11,5 seconds, but in usual road conditions after 80 km/h of a car starts to go obstinate and not so willingly gathers additional speed. However to this mark dispersal and roadability leave only positive impressions, the all wheel drive is felt with the first touch to a gas pedal. It is pleasant to start from a traffic light and to be dispersed on free prospectuses, but here in plugs constantly engaged all wheel drive becomes the enemy of a purse of the driver. Judging by the on-board computer, average fuel consumption during the test made 17 l/100 of km.

besides constantly engaged all wheel drive, the tested car is equipped by an automatic transmission with function of blocking of an interaxle differential and with possibility of manual switching of hill-climbing gears.

to experience character of the car to the full check « allowed; Grandee Vitary » on off-road qualities. For this part of test drive the man has been involved. On only one only its sight at the car could guess, what for such cars buy men. Barriers for Grand Vitara had been chose small snow-covered hills in inhabited, but still uncomfortable area of one of cities situated near Moscow.

passion – the infectious feeling and to stop in search of a limit of possibilities of the car it was very difficult. The height of hills became above, a discharge angle - more abruptly, and validly-jaundiced eyes local drivers choosing on these slopes an accessible place of a parking, called feeling of the absolute superiority. And after such blowout of adrenaline already it would not be desirable « at all; to collapse » in a drivers armchair. On the contrary, there was a desire to be simultaneously inside and outside of the car, to look, how this obstinate « bizonchik » Confidently clambers on a hill where to it big brothers &ndash could climb up only; frame off-road cars.

when emotions from the subdued impassability passed, parking in a silent Moscow court yard without snow-covered mountains and high curbs, I tried to find the answer: what for? Such car What for can be necessary for the lady? There were two variants. The first – if she lives in a country house to which the asphalted road or if the road all the same is asphalted does not conduct, but from snow it do not clean, or the lady – the inveterate summer resident. The second variant – if near to an apartment house parkings before which do not suffice all tenants, there is a high lawn on which high-speed both economic sedans and hatchbacks cannot call in. But personally I would not began to park there: how a fresh spring grass with cheerful yellow dandelions both frolicing bumblebees and butterflies?!

Three-door Suzuki Grand Vitara with the engine in volume of 2,4 l and capacity of 166 h.p. costs 870000 rivers For certain a Japanese crossover with such cost and possibilities will have consumer success in our country. After all at us never you will guess, where the road suddenly will be replaced by impassability...

Edition « Business Autoclub » thanks the company « the Auto world » for the given car.