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BMW M3 GTS appeared in all beauty

The track version of coupe M3 is dispersed to « hundreds » for 4,4 seconds, and a distance from 0 to 1000 m overcomes for 22,5 seconds. The maximum speed of a car makes 305 km/h.

BMW Group concern in detail told about the fastest M3 - a double sport coupe of BMW M3 GTS. The car is equipped by 4,4-litre engine V8 moshchnostju 450 horsepowers and with a twisting moment of 440 Nanometers. The motor works together with 7 high-speed gear box M Dual Clutch with two clutches and function Drivelogic. This check point operates by the principles borrowed in motor racing, and allows to change drives without interruption of traction effort that promotes effective dispersal. The car is dispersed to « hundreds » 4,4 seconds, and at start from a place overcome a distance in 1 km for 22,5 seconds. The maximum speed of BMW M3 GTS – 305 km/h.

Besides, the novelty received the advanced suspender intended specially for a racing line based on a design of a lobby and a rear axle of a coupe of BMW M3. Rigid attachment of a bearing part of a rear suspension, and also the absorbers having separate travel adjustment of compression and a course of a release became BMW M3 GTS Distinctive feature more. Besides other, the corner of a camber of front and rear wheels and height of lifting of the car are regulated depending on conditions of races.

the highly effective braking system of BMW M3 GTS has fixed a caliper with six buckets on each of front wheels and four – on the rear. Diameter of front brake plates on 18 mm, and rear – on 30 mm more than in BMW M3.

the Special configuration of system DSC engaging ABS and mode M Dynamic Mode (MDM), considers the raised dynamic potential track M3. The car is equipped by 19-inch light-alloy wheel disks with a black matte coating with dual spokes.

for optimisation of air flows and resetting of clamping effort depending on BMW M3 GTS traffic conditions it is equipped by a racing modesty panel and rear aerodynamic elements. They allow to change aerodynamic characteristics depending on character of a line, and also according to race technical regulations.

the weight of the car without loading under standard DIN makes 1530 kg, including a roll bar and gear box M Dual Clutch Drivelogic (at BMW M3 — 1600 kg).

the sport coupe Interior received classical « ladles » front sports seats, elements of furnish from karbona, the steering wheel, door panels and lateral walls in the interior rear are finished by a material alkantara.

Assembly of track version M3 is carried out in BMW M GmbH workshop to order. According to some information, novelty cost in Germany makes over 136 thousand euro.