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Sobjanin accused Luzhkov of the Moscow plugs

Transport problems in capital region seriously were aggravated by the town-planning policy of Moscow and Moscow Region last decades. It was declared by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin during the international congress « the traffic Organization in the Russian Federation ».

According to the capital town governor, « thanking » to the illiterate policy of the previous government of Moscow « all town-planning errors which in the world could be assembled, are assembled and concentrated in the Moscow transport knot » (words of the mayor results RIA Novosti news agency).

According to Sobjanina, the construction of roads in Moscow last years made 1,2 % from the general extent and strongly lags behind rates of an increase in population and quantity of cars. Also position was aggravated with that fact that building of large shopping centres and offices was conducted in city centre while inhabited building was conducted on perimetre. Negatively that round Moscow the big cities which inhabitants go for work in capital were formed affected also.

the capital town governor expressed bewilderment concerning that the former Moscow authorities did not co-operate with the Moscow suburbs government in questions of building of the underground and highways, public transport developments.

Besides, Sobjanin specified in necessity of building round Moscow transit roads: « Today we with Ministry of Transport plan to construct such roads » otmeti it.

last week on a site of the government of Moscow the plan of measures, the transport problems directed on liquidation in a city has been published. It engages measures of area of development of a transport framework, development of a control system by movement, a public transport and another.