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avtomotofestival 2010: not to buy, but to have a rest

Traditional exhibition « Авто+Автомеханика » passing in the autumn in Petersburg, this year replaced this year mysterious « avtomotofestival ». Kolesa. Ru visited « Lenexpo » in the first day of work of show to understand, on whom similar action is calculated and to tell: that it is possible to see on Vasilevsky island …

About action replacement it became known in the end of summer, approximately in those terms when in Moscow the International showroom roared. Refusal of carrying out of the Petersburg exhibition did not surprise: if as early as 5-7 years Petersburg and Moscow action were comparable on level and structure of participants now to compare them senselessly.

as well as to reproach with this stratification of organizers of the Petersburg exhibition. In Moscow bright autoshow arrange on the huge areas « the Crocus » world concerns. They pay for participation the big money – And to scatter the budget on two about identical the events, occurring to an interval in two months in 600 km from each other it is simply senseless.

meanwhile any exhibition is calculated on improving financial indicators of the companies-exhibitors at the expense of mass contact pieces to target audience. And if autoshow in capital worked for the good of sales of the international companies-manufacturers regional exhibitions are corrected, as a rule, by affairs of the local companies and dealers. But any official autodealer did not dare to expose the production on AvtoMotoFestivale.

it would Seem it is possible to make in Petersburg a dealer exhibition let even regional scale. Eventually, region that at us o-o th. But an expense for participation in similar action to dealers today not to pull. And effektnost exhibitions for the dealer it is doubtful: similar expositions are interesting to brand advancement, instead of for concrete sales.

as informed « to Wheels » Wished to remain the unknown person the head of department of advertising and marketing of one of the largest dealer centres GM, offered them participation in both actions, but benefit from participation is obviously insignificant and does not pay back expenses. By words these expenses make one of its colleagues about the monthly advertising budget of the dealer « above an average » …

So to go in « Lenexpo » behind the new car this year it is senseless. Then what for? Yes simply to have a rest and look at beautiful cars!!! « avtomotofestival » – action not exhibition, but an entertaining format.

the basic part of an exposition was made by some tens tuning and exotic cars, retrocars and the motorcycles, given by various autoclubs, museums and private collectors, and also sellers second-hand (sometimes exclusive) import cars.

But the core for the sake of what during week-end it is necessary to glance in Lenexpo that who appears nearby – to participate in competitions on go-cart racing, to send on errands on radio-controlled models, to listen to music of Indians or rokabilli and to observe demonstration performances of sportsmen-drifterov.