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Chrysler 300C 3.5: Attacking prime ministers-leagues

Precisely, Germans! Not without reason in the name of transcontinental concern Chrysler word goes after Daimler. That would not be told in official press releases, laconic, original and simultaneously the convenient interior is their merit. The German spirit is given out by the rectilinear validity well familiar on such cars, as Volkswagen Touareg. A little risky look unless plastic inserts “under a turtle“, but the side behind which the kitsch begins, remained neperejdennoj. Also the economy - so In places looks through, details of the heel of a front panel are made of unpretentious, rigid plastic. As a whole quality of interior leaves the extremely favorable impression. The shown a bit of generosity Germans shared not only emotions, but also much more valuable property - a platform of a present E-class. However to count that in the person 300Ń it is possible to receive easily Mercedes at half price, it is not necessary. According to marketing laws, as regards rideable characteristics the car should transfer some kind of “daungrejd“. And it has been made. As it seemed to me, its depth is adequate to a difference in the price.

on the move Chrysler 300C makes impression of the heavy car. At commands a wheel the car responds quickly, but with appreciable lists, in turning movements with a rough covering is shaken. From time to time road vibrations “pass“ on controls. A wheel here easy, but level of feedback and its reliability are quite comprehensible. To drive on “three-hundred part“ does not pull, besides it not so is interesting.

“in a limit“ the car smoothly slides a front axle outside of turning movement, and to call drift does not give well adjusted chassis with collar ESP. It is important that car reactions are unequivocal, clear and well predicted. It to the full concerns also dynamics. The 3.5-litre motor - not the most extreme variant (is still 340-strong Hemi V8), and four-stage “automatic machine“ with a little useful sekventalnym a mode - not most perfect (five-step mersedesovskaja the box is laid up for Hemi). Ardent customs this power unit does not differ, but submits confident work. The motor well obeys a floor pedal of gas and pleases tjagovitostju in a wide range of turns, accompanying the work calming nerves basovitym rumbling.

the comfortableness of driving inherited from the donor - perhaps, one of the main pluses of the car. Asphalt problems disturb passengers on a minimum, sound insulation reliably preserves their ears against unwanted sounds. In any way it is impossible to ignore qualitative sounding of the regular audiosystem perfectly coping with reproduction both high, and low frequencies. In secret I will tell: dorogushchaja optsionnaja “music“ of Mercedes sounds more faintly.

Rear seats seduce with open space. But it is open space for a two

Wide armchairs with convincing ranges of resettings are convenient, though are deprived accurate lateral support. And there is no in it a special need. As to the second row to a two it will be behind spacious. Also do not look at an additional headrest: the third here - superfluous.

what weapon of Chrysler 300C attacks prime minister-league? The multiliter engine, “automatic machine“, a smooth motion is very well. And should be. There are also other trumps. First, design. Appearance of the car “is primary“ - difficult to convict krajslerovtsev of loan of ideas from the outside. Looks 300Ń “on all money“, saving thus naturalness. These qualities does not suffice the American and Asian cars which frequently endeavour to create riches and prestige illusion. Secondly - the German technologies traditionally calling buyers trust. And the third factor is even more evident - the price-list.

Chrysler 300C 3.5: the Competition

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the Car is given by the company “Aurore Auto“, the official dealer of group of Chrysler/Jeep.