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Old and fast

Precisely speak – « all age are obedient to love ». Including love to smart sports cars.

the age for 101-year-old Virdzhila Koffmana (Virgil Coffman) did not become a hindrance for acquisition of the newest Chevrolet Camaro of the limited series in bodikite, povjashchennom to a film « Transformers ». The price of the elderly fan of fast driving too did not stop: Koffman gave for the new car of 38 thousand dollars, writes Herald Review.

the Grandfather who born in 1908 and has exchanged recently second hundred, is young till now heart and conducts active life. He is assured that can « to tame » 400 « horsies » disappearing under cowl Camaro. « I love the new car, - tells Koffman, ljubovno stroking a cockpit bright yellow Camaro, - it is enough to touch only it, and it already rushes. It actually is pleasant to me ».

Koffman recognises that likes to sweep with a breeze, however considers that is capable to keep the bent for to high speeds in frameworks. « people complain that I drive quickly, but actually it not so, - the grandfather confirms, - I always adhere to high-speed restrictions ». A few thinking, he adds: « Well, on highway I can be dispersed to 70 mill at an oclock (112,6 km/h) ».

For all long life of Virdzhil Koffman replaced 40 cars.