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UAZ Patriot - a bison of the Russian roads

Trade mark UAZ Patriot took under the home nursing of the bison living in territory of Prioksko-Terrasnogo of the state natural reserve. Taking up expenses under the annual maintenance and feeding of this unique animal, UAZ Patriot became the participant of the program «Adopt a bison» which the reserve spends together with Fund of the wild nature (WWF). The certificate confirming adoption, has been handed over company “Severstal-car“ during action carrying out «UAZ Patriot -« the Bison »Russian roads».

the Bison - one of the most beautiful animals who as a result of barbarous actions of the person was several years ago on the verge of a total disappearance. Thanks to efforts of the nature protection organisations and private enthusiasts today the livestock of these animals gradually increases.

trade mark UAZ Patriot considers as the debt to take part in the given project. On a level with a bison cars UAZ Patriot possess the same tremendous stock of force, power and the shape inspiring the present respect. UAZ Patriot - present “bison“ of the Russian roads.

the Brand-manager of products UAZ, Alexey Zhidjaev noticed that participation in the given program is, let small, but the important contribution to protection of the animals skidded in the Red book. Taking part in the program, we want to note importance and necessity of protection of rare species of animals. UAZ Patriot supports protection of vanishing species of animals of Russia.

journalists took part in action - representatives of the most known automobile mass-media to whom cars UAZ Patriot have been given 2007 modelling years. More than 250 km overcome by journalists on off-road cars, helped to estimate running and utilisation properties UAZ Patriot not only in the conditions of impassability habitual for the car, but also on asfaltnyh roads, in a semicity, high-speed mode of federal lines. While in service, journalists gave the basic attention to the qualitative changes which have occurred in the car from the moment of the beginning of its manufacture. Braking system improvements, drop of efforts on car controls, increase of ergonomics of interior at the expense of new modern armchairs with set of resettings have especially been noted. Following the results of the action it has been noticed that UAZ Patriot is one of the most multiple-purpose cars, equally comfortably feeling both in city conditions, and during country trips and travel.