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Expectations of Novosibirsk deputies have come true: the State Duma has forbidden night sale of beer

Popularity of beer among Russians for a long time did not give rest to teachers, pravoohraniteljam and to deputies. Wanderings of the tipsy teenagers, night « parties » about stalls, intoxicated fights – all is results of availability of a foamy drink.

From the point of view of structure beer always was alcohol, and from a law position – no. Therefore also used « privileges »: the right of universal round-the-clock sale, « a residence permit » in small booths.    

to Deputies of the Novosibirsk City Council such state of affairs was for a long time not to liking. In September, 2010 they have generated the group, called to solve a problem. Still then deputy Alexander Bestuzhev indignantly spoke:

- Shops and booths which sell alcoholic drinks the minor, should incur serious punishment. Now it simply appoint insignificant penalties. We consider that them it is necessary to deprive of the licence for trading activity for ever.

Then the Novosibirsk City Council intended « to reach » to the State Duma that in legislatively form to limit beer in the rights. It is not known, what role indignation of Siberians has played, but their expectations have come true: beer have equated to alcohol.

the Duma has accepted the Corresponding bill on February, 22nd in the first reading. According to the document, night sale of beer, and also drink realisation in stalls and tents will be forbidden. Besides, the bill forbids retail of alcoholic production and beer a strong hold more than 5 % « in places of a mass congestion of citizens ».