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To spectators of Voronezh Alexey Chadov admitted that hesitates, when to it for February, 23rd give flowers

On the eve of February, 23rd   brothers Alexey and Andrey Chadovy have given a gift to the Voronezh men. Actors have presented to spectators of capital of Chernozem region the present man`s cinema - the extremely topical insurgent with melodrama elements « Slove. Directly in heart ». At a cinema « kinomaks » after a picture premiere has passed a space bridge with known actors. Handsome men of Chadovy have changed role sugary sex - symbols for an image of cool guys. Brothers on life have played in a film of brothers - military men on a plot. CHadovy - Roniny struggle with criminality, without letting go the weapon. Though actors admitted that   in army did not minister. Despite it, Chadovy carried out dangerous tricks – went down on cables from height, ran between explosions.

is an improbable pleasure most to execute tricks. I love the weapon. Me for ears you will not drag – Allow to do some shooting, jump, - Alexey Chadov has told. - to go by the car with the chamber fixed on a back seat, to maneuver, get to the opponents and to think thus that chamber not to break – it is the big high!

« has asked, what gifts like to receive men for February, 23rd.

- When to me, the boy, give flowers, I not so cosy feel. I could not understand and receive it from such gift pleasure earlier, - Alexey admitted. - but now when I remember how the beloved has presented to me for February, 23rd a bunch of flowers, I understand, there was something in it quivering, sentimental. In a word, when the beloved &ndash gives you flowers; in it something is.

As brothers have a rest, what girls are pleasant to Alexey and when Andrey marries the actress, a musical star Notrdam - de - the Bet   to Svetlana Svetikovoj, read in the near future on a site.