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Employees « Gazprom » are evacuated from Libya

Russian Gazprom to be exact it a daughter Gazprom E. P. International, has on Tuesday evening taken out from Libya captured by disorders the employees and their family.
To our employees and members of their families - in total 18 persons - were possible to depart from Tripoli to Dubai by trip plane. Now they have landed in Dubai and wait for flight to Moscow - has informed RIA News the representative of the company Ivan Gogolev.
On Tuesday from Moscow to Libya for evacuation of employees of gas holding the company board " has been sent; Gazpromavia . However from - for problems with opening of air space over Tripoli it has been urged to land on Malta. While it in the same place also remains, that in a case   Necessities could be used it for evacuation of Russians from Libya.
After   Jasmine revolution in Tunis and revolution in Egypt antigovernmental   demonstrations have captured variety of the countries of the Near East and the North Africa - demonstrations pass   in Algeria,   Libya, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. Local authorities accept strict measures on dispersal holding a meeting. To a course there is a tear gas, rubber bludgeons, elektroshokery, a fire-arms and military technology. People &ndash perish; both participants of demonstrations, and policemen.
Mass stirrings in Libya - one of the largest world exporters of oil - have begun on February, 15th. Protesting overthrow of a mode of Muamara Kaddafi which supervises over the country over 40 years, and political reforms demand.