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The intense situation in Libya disturbs Ukraine

In Ukraine with deep concern conceive messages on proceeding escalation of intensity in Libya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is told about an internal political situation in Libya in the statement.
the Special alarm is called by that fact that as a result of confronting and collisions between demonstrators and a safety force people perish. We urge the conflict parties to show restraint, to stop violence in order to avoid new victims and the further destabilization of a domestic situation, to be engaged in development of mutually acceptable ways of settlement existing political and socially - economic problems. We hope that tolerance, suspension, political wisdom and readiness for the compromise will prevail and that rest and the consent will return to cities friendly to us Libya - it is told in the statement.
We urge the Libyan authorities to take all possible measures for safety of Ukrainian and all other foreign citizens which now are in Libya, comprehensively to promote all who has expressed desire, considering last succession of events, urgently to return home. We are converted with a desperate request to the Libyan party to give all assistance of evacuation of the Ukrainian citizens from territory of Dzhamahirii and to provide appropriate protection of our compatriots which there still remain - it is told in the document.
At the same time, a press - the secretary Alexander Dikusarov has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to Interfax that exact time of a departure of the plane on Thursday for the citizens of Ukraine who are in Libya while precisely it is not known.