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Berlusconis and Kaddafi have discussed a situation in Libya

During the telephone conversation which has taken place on Tuesday evening of premieres - the minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi and the leader of the Libyan revolution Muammar Kaddafi have discussed an intense situation which has developed these days in Libya.
According to RIA News conversation lasted about 20 minutes. Berlusconi during conversation has declared again necessity of peaceful settlement of the conflict to avoid civil war. It also   has categorically refuted the statement of Kaddafi that Italy has ostensibly given the weapon and rockets to demonstrators in Bengasi.
Kaddafi, in turn, has declared that in Libya that`s OK and truth about events occurring there is told by the Libyan mass-media.
After   Jasmine revolution In Tunis and revolution in Egypt antigovernmental   demonstrations have captured variety of the countries of the Near East and the North Africa - demonstrations pass   in Algeria,   Libya, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. Local authorities accept strict measures on dispersal holding a meeting. To a course there is a tear gas, rubber bludgeons, elektroshokery, a fire-arms and military technology. People &ndash perish; both participants of demonstrations, and policemen.