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Bodies are found in New Zealand already 75 victims at earthquake

Quantity of victims as a result of earthquake in magnitude 6. 3, an event on Tuesday in the south of New Zealand, in last hours again has increased and has reached already 75 persons.   earlier it was informed on 65 victims of tragedy.
According to the mayor Christchurch , the most suffered at earthquake, destiny approximately 300 persons remain till now to the unknown person. Probably, these people are under fragments of buildings, the mayor has added the Bean Parker .
the Head of the government of New Zealand John Ki on Tuesday declared introduction on all country of a mode of state of emergency. The cabinet thus receives more powers for overcoming of consequences of revelry of elements.
the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Vellingtone has informed that anybody from Russians living in those edges in lists of victims does not appear. Our country, as well as many other things, has already offered New Zealand the help in overcoming of consequences of earthquake.
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Among victims of earthquake in New Zealand Russians are not present
the Most powerful earthquake in New Zealand: 65 persons
  were lost;
In New Zealand rescuers search victims of destructive earthquake