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In Day of the defender of Fatherland of the Siberian declare the protest to socks and foam for shaving

Day of the defender of Fatherland. For a strong half of mankind – the excellent occasion to meet friends and is categorically resolute from house efforts. And, here, for perfect ladies the feast, at times, turns around the present trouble. After all it is necessary to think what to present to the defenders.

it is good still if there was time in advance to buy a gift. Otherwise, it is necessary to search hastily for a thing useful to the gentleman in shops. Also try - ka, guess, what presentation will be pleasant to the man.

As a variant – it is possible to be converted behind advice to the girlfriend. And if the girlfriend herself in confusion? Then it is necessary to use advice of readers « Siberians have willingly told, what gifts consider pertinent for February, 23rd, and what – absolutely improper.

- Is better to know in advance that is necessary for the concrete man. Someone, for example, wants GPRS - the navigator, and someone - a dressing gown terry. Are almost universal - cognac, or whisky, - has with skill told IT - Anastas Borodina`s expert . – And unsuccessful variants are a foam for shaving, a sweater, or socks. It seems to me, it give always, when do not know what to choose. All muzhiks recognise that have a shave, carry socks and a sweater.

« the Black list » gifts from PR - the expert Aleksandry Satkovoj has appeared very similar:

- It would be desirable to avoid banalities of type of socks, shower gel, a towel and to that similar. Hotjai these things happen necessary. And, on a broader scale, any gift is good, as it is attention and care display.

- The Gift should be individual, should underline courage of the man. And let it will be a joke, but a joke in a subject. Here, for example, to the husband I will present the military plane spultom managements. It in shop as the little boy looked at it burning eyes, - has slightly opened personal plans the director event - agencies Natalia Malyhina . – the Most bad gift, I consider, these are means of hygiene for the man. There are some reasons to hand over them. When there are no means for something another when, having forgotten to buy something in advance, do purchase hastily in underground transition … Such gift « without soul » does not bring satisfaction not giving, not gifted.

And the native of Berdsk the Hope Zamolodsky which, having moved to capital, has defeated competition « Mrs. Moscow - 2009 » , has told that on February, 23rd will present gifts to many men:

- Already the second season successively I am the person of a brand, kotoryjv these days will be presented at an optics exhibition. And on February, 23rd at menjatam will pass the autograph - session. I will give to men a calendar with the image. I think, it is the best gift.