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Steve Jobs hides from paparazzi at the wheel old « Hondas »

the Head of world famous corporation Apple Steve Jobs which has a serious illness recently and has already departed from affairs, probably, has replaced magnificent Mercedes on old Honda Civic, release of 1997.
Under the information the Internet - magazine Forbes versions, thus 55 - the summer Jobs diligently avoiding any contacts to an external world, tries to hide from the annoying paparazzi trapping it literally continually.
Some days ago at the disposal of edition National Enquirer pictures on which the person similar to head Apple, comes to oncological clinic on razvaljuhe which costs as much, how much good krossovki have got. As marks Gizmodo. com, in these photos the billionaire looks thinner and painfull.
that at Jobs the cancer, became known in 2003. In 2004 - m it was treated for a pancreas cancer, and in 2009 has transferred operation on a liver transplantation.