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In the USA the dog was unanimously selected a house manager

Throughout two tens years by inhabitants of a prestigious condominium of Hilbruk - Toll - Oaks in the city of Annandejl that near to Washington, arranged annual meeting to select the new head of board. In July of last year tenants have come again on elections however just now they have found out that the defeated candidate on fast on fast of a house manager - a dog.
Yes, the real dog. Wheaten colour a terrier on a nickname of Beata. Its owner Mark Crawford   (Mark Crawford) itself was the head of board, but then it has bothered the man also it has declared the candidate the shaggy favourite.
Thus Crawford has not specified that it is a dog. In the candidate list has been brought the Leah Ms. Beata   (Beatha Lee), the new, friendly adjusted inhabitant of the house who likes to get acquainted with neighbours and to spend time in the open air .
Other candidates on this fast were not, that is why 50 participants of meeting were amicably lifted by hands and the Leah have voted for election of Beaty as a new house manager, writes Washington Post. Mark has been appointed by its assistant.
it had a name, - neigbour Robin Klein Brouder remembers. the Name and a surname that is why all present have been assured that is the person .
About, a leah remains the doggie the head of board kondominimuma, is informed nothing.