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China has started to evacuate the citizens from Libya

China has started evacuation of the citizens from Libya captured by disorders, has informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China on the night of Wednesday.
Protest actions in the Libyan provinces with the requirement of leaving of Muamara Kaddafi correcting already of 42 years, proceed since February, 15th. According to mass-media, the authorities cruelly stifle demonstrations. During stirrings were lost already more than 500 persons, to 4 thousand have got wounds, reminds RIA News .  
According to department, in the evening on Tuesday group of 83 persons, employees of one of the Chinese companies working in the east of Libya, on cars have been evacuated to livijsko - the Egyptian border. On border of two countries in area Es - Saluma them were met by employees of embassy of the Peoples Republic of China in Egypt. Now all evacuated citizens of China are in security, it is marked in the message.  
As assure in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, work on evacuation of citizens of China from Libya proceeds.  
Thereupon it is informed that on Wednesday in first half for citizens of China remaining in Libya company Air China charter flight will go. According to agency, in connection with closing of air space over Libya the Chinese plane at first will make landing in Athenes.  
Earlier on Tuesday China declared creation of the special commission on safety of the citizens who are in Libya. For evacuation of citizens of China, including representatives of Taiwan and special administrative areas Siangans (Hong Kong) and Aomen (Macao), will be directed to Libya air and sea-crafts.