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Metro station Botanical from within it will be similar to a beehive

Yesterday with patrol building the assistant to the mayor concerning capital construction and land tenure Vladimir Kritsky has bypassed. Remained it is happy: all goes under the schedule.

Still! To keep within terms which were put by the mayoralty, on object in two changes works on 150 experts from 30 various contract and subcontract organisations.

the Floor and station walls will be revetted by a light granite. The ceiling design will be executed in the form of honeycombs - on a plan of architects, the station should remind beehive interiors. Therefore and in colour scale warm honey shades will prevail.

In March specially for metrostroevtsev in a city will deliver huge party of a natural stone - it is necessary to lay 8 thousand square metres of a granite and marble tile. For now workers revet steps of the lobby conducting on a platform « Botanical ».

By the summer builders will finish works on a land part of station, building of an intercepting autoparking here again will begin. And start of new station (together with station « Chkalovsky ») it is planned for December, 1st of this year.