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The Korean company recognised that it is its container truck has drowned dry-cargo ship Alexandra

the Khabarovsk dry-cargo ship went to China by South Korea. On February, 9th early in the morning the vessel ran into it. All has occurred instantly: blow, and our ship has broken half-and-half and has left under water. But instead of rescuing the people who have appeared under water, the captain has withdrawn a vessel from a scene. Long to disappear to it it was not possible – the container truck with the peeled paint literally in a day have found in port. And one of these days the Korean company of Hyundai officially recognised that the vessel which has drowned Alexandra, belongs to them.

- While the authorities make investigation of the reasons of this tragedy, we, first of all, want to present our sincere condolences in connection with  destruction of people, - is told in     the statement of the ship-building company.

the Huge container truck - a new system displacement in 88 thousand the tons, constructed on shipyard « Hende hevi   indastriz » Was in the sea on trial runs. Now South Korea officially took responsibility for state of emergency with Alexandra on itself.

the Photo: Olga`s NOVIKOVOJ scheme.

to Escape in that morning it was possible only to one sailor – to the inhabitant of the Find Alexander Drichevu. He has already come back home, now comes to the senses and goes on doctors. Have brought to Vladivostok and bodies of victims primortsev: The second mechanic of a vessel Vadim Konoplyov and Olga Dorohinoj`s cook. Bodies of two Khabarovsk citizens also delivered home. Seven seamen and are not found. On Sunday to search for them have ceased.  

Now the national agency of sea police of Republic Korea has filed criminal charges upon  destruction of seamen of the steam-ship. A seven missing recognise as victims owe Russian court. The captain of the container truck is threatened with prison that has left people in a misfortune.

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