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In Bottom the prices for fuel fall faster, than across all Russia

On refuellings Bottom for the first time lately diesel fuel began to cost less, than 95 gasoline. Decrease has begun past week after sellers of fuel have promised to be engaged antimonopolshchiki.  

  - In   to wholesale   Rosneft and LUKOIL have reduced the prices for ton diztopliva for 1 thousand roubles, the multinational corporation - VR on 1,5 thousand roubles, Surgutneftegaz - on 2 thousand, - Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko has informed. - However such tendency   it is observed only on third of territory of Russia - the litre diztopliva has fallen in price for 50 copecks - 1 rouble.

motorists of the Astrakhan, Yaroslavl, Orenburg and Omsk areas continue to refuel at inflated prices. The most big falling of cost diztopliva in Bottom - on 2 roubles.

Under forecasts of experts, in the near future should stop and a rise in prices for gasoline. However, there is an opinion that in April, that is, by that moment when on roads will deduce the iron horses gardeners, the prices again will spread upwards.

the Basis,   to which antimonopolshchiki anything cannot oppose, the most banal - growth of tariffs and taxes.    

we will remind, in   December, 2010 the government has countenanced the plan of triple increase of excises for fuel for the next three years. Also in January 2011 - go at once on 8 % quotations on fuel transportation have grown, and in April the state intends to lift the duty for export of oil products to level of 66 % from the duty on oil.