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Defensive forces of Finland have begun preliminary investigation on scandalous business of the officer of the Brigade of Kareliya

the Commander of forces of defence of Finland general Ari Puhelojnen has been called on Tuesday, on February, 22nd, on a carpet in the governmental commission of defensive forces for explanations in communication by statements of the senior lieutenant of the Brigade of Kareliya.

According to eyewitnesses, the senior lieutenant has declared to the big group of recruits that president Tarja Halonen cannot be the commander-in-chief army, as it – the woman, informs the newspaper Uutispjajvja Demari . Besides, the officer considers that   Halonen is not approaching   as a figure on fast of the commander-in-chief as is the communist and earlier worked on fast of the chairman of a society of sexual equality of the SET protecting the rights of homosexuals.

Now on this scandalous business by Department of investigations of the Joint Staff there is begun preliminary investigation.

General Ari Puhelojnen has refused to make comments on incident to news JULE. As he said, at present there is enough information that on unpleasant for defensive forces of the country to business there is begun investigation.

the Minister of Defence of Finland Being in business trip Juri Hjakjamies (Coalition party) also has refused to make comments on incident.

Now the senior lieutenant continues to work   the instructor of recruits, Russian service Yleisradio informs .