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Siberians will see the insurgent about the teenager - the alien

In Novosibirsk is started by display of the fantastic insurgent « I – the fourth ». Actions are developed in usual in appearance to school which becomes arena of interplanetary dismantlings. The matter is that one of pupils – John Smith (Alex Pettifer) actually - one of last survived inhabitants of a far mysterious planet. To save the life, John is urged to disappear, constantly to change names and even the house. In different small towns and at different schools it always was the guy without the past, but once it has found a place where it wanted to it to stop: in Ohio John has found the love in a small town.

And here now the enamoured hero from other planet should open in itself unique abilities, to battle to terrible enemies and to realise the surprising mission.  

  the Shot from a film I - the fourth .

the Director of Dee Dzheju Caruso had to be fidgety much, selecting actors under this plot. The casting was especially heavy starred on.

- We have heard more than 140 applicants for a role, –   Caruso who have stopped the choice on little-known actor Alex Pettifere admits. – it seemed To me that Alex – that is necessary. It is improbably mobile, and in it there is something very man`s. But thus it remains vulnerable that was pleasant to me most of all.

By the way, Pettifer   has just stopped to act in the first Hollywood film - « it is monstrously beautiful » (this modern version of a plot about the Beauty and the Monster which leaves on screens this year) when has received the offer to act in a film « I – the Fourth ». A leah a joke, but at first the guy has refused. Says that have not sustained nerves, and a word « is not present » as if has flied from lips:

- I simply was nervous, – the actor who in some weeks after refusal all - taki has collected the strength explains and has come on tests. – I honoured the text for Dee Dzheja, and like as all remained are happy. I was tried on the chamber and have received a mail from the agent in the evening: « We wait that Stephen » will tell;. I respond it: « What else Stephen? ». It appears, my tests Stephen Spielberg, and besides &ndash looked; He has countenanced them …

the Director: Dee Dzhej Caruso (the director of thrillers « On a hook » « the Paranoia »)

In leading roles: Alex Pettifer (he plays John Smith, – the Fourth), Timoti Olifant (John`s trustee), Dajanna Egron (a passion of the protagonist).

it is possible to look at the Film at cinemas of Novosibirsk. In a cinema hall « Sinema Park » the picture will be shown in format IMAX 2D, bodies. (383 230 02 98, Red avenue, 101, « Rojjal Park ».