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The investigation of the case of murder of premieres - the minister of Sweden Ulofa to the Palm tree will be continued yet will not find guilty

The day before 25 – letija from the date of murder of premieres - the minister, the leader sotsial - democrats of Sweden Ulofa to the Palm tree, which   has occurred on February, 28th, 1986, the Central administrative board of criminal investigation department of the Scandinavian country has spent this week a press - conference.

to the Palm tree have killed in the main street of Stockholm Sveavegen a shot in a back about midnight when he with wife Lisbet came back home after cinema visitation the Grandee . Spouses to the Palm tree went without protection.

According to the experts, similar murder would be quickly opened today. And then the police has made many errors. In transfer into more official language: the investigation of the case of murder of the chief executive of the country was conducted nonprofessionally.

Two years later after murder Krister Petersson, the alcoholic and the addict has been detained. After Lisbet to the Palm tree, the widow of premieres - the minister, has specified in it at an identification (from ten shown to it on an identification of men of Petersson there was one in white shoes), the Stockholm city court recognised as its guilty and has sentenced   in July 1989 - go year to a life imprisonment. Any material evidences to court it has not been shown. The court of the second instance - appeal court SVEA - in November of the same year Kristera Peterssona has justified.

After eight years, in December, 1997, the general public prosecutor of Sweden has again decided to bring action against Kristera Peterssona, but the Sovereign court of Sweden has disagreed with the public prosecutor.

For the data conducting to capture of the murderer, the award - 50 million Swedish crones (about 5 million euro) has been declared. Kristeru Petterssonu have paid material indemnification in 300 000 crones (nearby 30   000 euros). He has died in 2004. Before it he admitted to one of friends murder of premieres - the minister, but such recognitions for a consequence was available nearby 130. There are no proofs. The weapon from which shot is not found.

Now in an investigation team which is called group to the Palm tree three inspectors, not including the chief work. To all of them about 60 years.

we Will remind that on July, 1st, 2010 the amendment which has cancelled a limitation period after which guilty of murder to court is not subject has been brought in the Swedish criminal code. The consequence can proceed now indefinitely.

« If not legislation change, we here have not met or have met today you in other occasion » - has told   to journalists on a press - conferences the assistant to the General public prosecutor of Sweden Cherstin Skarp, conducting an investigation of the case of murder of Ulofa to the Palm tree.

the Consequence will proceed until then, has told the public prosecutor, all possibilities will not be settled yet or yet will not find guilty and will not pronounce to it a sentence and while the sentence will not come into force.

Now an evidence on the case of murder of Ulofa to the Palm tree is concluded in 3600 folders occupying 225 running metres of shelves in archive of criminal investigation department, plus some running metres of shelves with folders which on - former are considered « workers ».

« Nearby 130 persons admitted murder of Ulofa to the Palm tree, - spoke on a press - conferences a member of an investigation team of Stig Edkvist. - 450 ballistic examinations of revolvers " Have been spent; Smith and Vesson 375 calibres. .

While at a consequence of Ulofa suspected of murder to the Palm tree is not present, though the new information in group to the Palm tree arrives constantly. Chances to find the murderer very little, considers Edkvist, but it is necessary to hope.

As material evidences the consequence has two bullets on which the murderer of DNA has not left, the same as, most likely, on the murder tool (if it when - or is found). And that fact that in Sweden is excellent a limitation period on such crimes as murder, can have a boomerang effect, in this case.

« the Criminal is not interested in any way now in having an effect » - has told, acting on Monday in the program of news of the First channel of the Swedish television Aktuellt the professor of jurisprudence of Geteborgsky university Dennis Tyollborg.

« If someone from an environment of the murderer could tell earlier to itself(himself): I should facilitate heart, the meeting good luck now the probability of it has disappeared soon is necessary to me... » - the professor has added.

Other professor - kriminologii the Main police administration of Sweden - Lejf - Gustav - Villi Persson investigating now, basically, criminal offences on television, considers that for the criminal on a broader scale searched not there where it was necessary. It has made such a portrait of the murderer published in the vesper newspaper Aftonbladet :

- the police officer, either security services or the military man;
- the Swede;
- today to it about 65 years;
- the good marksman, is able to handle the weapon;
- growth approximately 1,80;
- a strong constitution;
- in the good sports form
- in a criminal liability it was not involved.

the Chief investigatory groups to the Palm tree Stig Edkvist considers, however, that this new version - the old theory of political plot on purpose to eliminate Ulofa to the Palm tree, basically, does not change, informs the Swedish radio.