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Conductors will return to Irkutsk trams

Experiment with punchers in Irkutsk trams has not got accustomed. Four years ago conductors have decided to replace with old kind Soviet machines that inhabitants of Irkutsk bought tickets from the driver and punched them. « IrkutskGorelektrotrans » hoped that so will lower expenses. The salary after all to pay there was nobody. However, conductors nevertheless have decided to return.

is, first of all, safety requirement, - has explained « the deputy director « IrkutskGorelektratrans » Alexander Gruk. – Inhabitants of Irkutsk, buying the ticket from the driver, distract it from movement. Loading big. And the gain at us falls. Many, knowing that the conductor is not present, tickets at all do not buy.

Here only now instead of tickets controllers, they will sell to passengers checks. For this purpose have already bought special machines. They small and very compact. Outwardly the device is similar to the calculator. Weighs only 300 grammes.

- In the check sale time, number, ticket cost will be specified, - Alexander Gruk speaks. - On one   from city routes 4 « the Central market – « Brotherly » we in August have entered such system. Have observed and have understood that it optimum and justifies herself. Therefore since March, 1st to such operation mode will pass two more routes 5 and 3, and after a while and two remained 1 and 2.

One machine costs an order of 4000 roubles.

Irkutsk experts have brought the Innovation from Ufa. Only there progress has gone much further. To pay off for journey it is possible also a clearing settlement. Check machines have built in chips which read out the information from usual plastic cards of townspeople. Inhabitants of capital of Bashkiria have highly appreciated advantages.

- In due course we plan to make too most, -   Alexander Gruk speaks. – we Want and in trolley buses too to enter check machines. But not now. It very much zatratno. In - the first, the salary conductors need to pay, in - the second, to buy additional devices.

Now daily on routes of Irkutsk there are 38 trams.