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Inhabitants of Estonian city of Haapsalu on - former come to the burnt down children`s home, light candles

Townsmen of Haapsalu where on Sunday, on February, 20th, during a fire in children`s home ten persons were lost, start to depart from shock which was called them by tragedy gradually.

Pupils of children`s home are temporarily placed on local social by establishments, to them render the psychological help, the program of Estonian television « informs; the Actual chamber ».

After three days after a fire in children`s home, to house collars on - former people come, light candles and long stand in silence.

« we have already endured the Very first shock, consequences of it we learn later. What psychological the status at survived children, will show time » - has told the director of Haapsalusky children`s home Eve of Cabins.

For today all survived children are placed on Haapasalusky social establishments: 21 child has been translated to a time place a residence in the next house from the burnt down building, seven others have been sent in school a boarding school where they studied before. Four more are given under supervision of doctors   in a neurologic city hospital. One girl was taken away by parents home.

the Status of two employees of children`s home which during a fire helped to evacuate people and then have got to hospital with a poisoning with carbonic oxide, gradually improves.

On Tuesday, on February, 22nd, last parents have been informed on the occurred tragedy, whose children and did not manage to be rescued. In total from ten victims the seven had near relations, three have appeared orphans.

Today the Ljaenesky Office of Public Prosecutor considers every possible versions of the happened: from an arson before short circuit in electroconducting. The first results of investigation of this terrible tragedy can be known only in a month.

« Now already scene survey is completely complete, all necessary materials to start investigation have been created. On Tuesday some witnesses are interrogated and the medicolegal investigation is appointed to learn an exact cause of death of lost children » - district attorney Indrek Kalda has told.

the Director of children`s home Eve of Cabins works in this establishment six years. In this time, pupils of the house of a steel for it native. Therefore she endures a pain of loss also, as well as parents of victims.

According to Cabins, after tragedy inhabitants of all Haapsalu on - former offer the various help: from clothes to time habitation to children. « things of the first necessity at us are: it both clothes, and meal, and a roof over the head. Now material aid on building of a new building and, certainly, support and understanding » is more necessary for us; - has underlined Cabins.

Understanding and sympathy of Eve of Cabins asks from journalists « more likely; yellow editions ». Last days there were many cases when their some representatives tried to interview suffered children who have both physical, and intellectual lacks.

it is already known that burnt down haapsalusky the children`s home for people with the limited possibilities will be taken down, and on its place will construct the new. When works will begin, still it is not known, but clearly one - wooden the new building will not be, informs information   a portal rus. err. ee.