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Tajikistan asks Russia to help to evacuate the citizens from Libya

  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan was converted in   the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia with the request to assist in evacuation of the citizens from Libya captured by disorders.

« the Corresponding note has been directed the day before to foreign policy department of Russia, and negotiations on this question » are now carried on; - the head of Department of the information has given on Wednesday the republic Davlat Nazriev Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

« In Tripoli there is no our diplomatic representative office, and attempts of embassy of Tajikistan in Cairo to come into contact with tadzhikistantsami which are in Libya, because of absence of communication with this country by today have not given results. For today in Libya there is 21 citizen of Tajikistan, 14 of which - students of the International Islamic university in Tripoli » - it has explained.

we Will remind, mass stirrings in Libya - one of the largest world exporters of oil - have begun on February, 15th. The situation in the country is heated to a limit. Protesting overthrow of a mode of Muamara Kaddafi which over the country 42 years, and political reforms stretch supervise demand.

Antigovernmental meetings of the Libyans inspired with an example of Egyptians and Tunisians, have passed in the largest cities of the country Bengasi, the Ale - the Canoe, Tripoli. The police already applied fire-arms to dispersal of demonstrators.

Now in Tripoli scale operation on suppression of national protests has begun. In capital of Libya the police has applied again fire-arms to dispersal of demonstrators. And on Monday evening the Libyan authorities have given the order to bomb Tripoli.

According to the international organisations, prior to the beginning of bombardment of Tripoli by victims of rigid actions of the authorities at dispersal demonstrantovstali 500 persons, an order of four thousand have got wounds.

Many countries have begun evacuation of the citizens from Libya captured by revolt.

Overnight in Tripoli four planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, directed to Libya for evacuation of the Russian citizens have landed. The first plane with   118 Russians has onboard taken off for Moscow in 6. 15 Moscow time.

It is expected that the first group evacuated will arrive to Domodedovo by noon, passes RIA Novosti news agency.