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Putin: Salaries and pensions of military men will be increased

Salaries and pensions the military man considerably will increase with 2012 - go year. Vladimir Putin has informed on it in Kaliningrad at meeting concerning building of habitation for military men today. Nigina Beroeva will continue a subject.

- In Day of the defender of Fatherland Vladimir Putin has checked up, how the room question for military men is solved. In Kaliningrad the prime minister together with move-ins has looked at their new habitation. The family of colonel Popova has learnt that they receive apartment, three days ago. Mistress Svetlana in this happiness does not believe till now. And Vladimir Putin`s personal visit of realism of a situation has not added. Own apartment Popovy 29 years waited. All this time were wound on garrisons, lived in barracks, hostels and office apartments. Now do not believe the happiness, walking on four-room apartment. Vladimir Putin has congratulated move-ins with February, 23rd. By the way, in the last two days apartments have received 100 thousand families of military men. By 2012 all persons included in a waiting list can celebrate house warming. To the same term should not remain problems with office habitation in army. Within two years of apartment all those military men who have left army will receive also, and without having waited from the state of the promised habitation. Vladimir Putin by means of a video conference proinspektiroval all buildings of the country, beginning from Vladivostok. The prime minister has underlined that the habitation for military men should be modern and comfortable.

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