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At the defender of the Khimki wood want to select children

At Evgenii Chirikovoj want to select children. Guardianship bodies consider that head of movement in protection of the Khimki wood, beats children and starves them. Nikita Mironov understood a question.

- Alas, it not a joke. « one of these days at a door of my apartment any people have called. The woman and two men in the civilian with militian persons, - has told « Evgenie Chirikova, the active worker of protection of the Khimki wood. The woman was presented by the employee of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, Raisa Ivanovnoj. I, certainly, have not opened - in Himkah dangerously unknown a door to open ». It was soon found out that the same people came to neighbours Evgenies. They have shown them the statement in which it is written that Evgenie starves and beats the daughters of 4 and 9 years. « in the statement there is number of apartment of my neighbours and a surname of people which there never lived. That is, the statement as a matter of fact counterfeit, - tells Evgenie. Nevertheless, on it inspect, threatening to select at me children ». Neighbours Evgenies assure that any statement never wrote. The active worker considers that on it press local authorities.

Authorities Himok while in any way do not make comments on this situation.