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Military pensioners of Yaroslavl demand increase of pensions

Today, on February, 23rd, in Day of the defender of Fatherland military pensioners have carried out at a building of the Ministry of Defence in Moscow the action under the slogan « we Demand to double military pensions ».

Military pensioners from Moscow Region, Yaroslavl, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Pskov, Tver and other cities have gathered at 14 o`clock at a monument to Gogol in Gogol parkway. In hands everyone had a tablet with this size of its pension. So, the pensioner from Yaroslavl, for example, has reminded the Ministry of Defence of that that its pension makes all 6 thousand roubles.

in 2001 of pension of military men were three times more civil. But if civil pensions were annually indexed, military pensions not only did not grow, but also were split up – extra charges, and the icon setting of military men on which the pension is estimated raised, remained the same.

Picket lasted about an hour under sensitive control of militia which, however did not interfere with an event. Similar picket last year has been dispersed by OMON.