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Zamglavy the Ministry of Emergency Measures: Evacuation of Russians from Libya has passed successfully

According to the deputy minister on emergency situations of the Russian Federation Alexander Chuprijana , the first part of operation on evacuation of citizens of Russia from Libya captured by national stirrings has passed successfully.
we Will remind that evacuation of Russians from Tripoli was provided with operative group of the ministry led by Chuprijanom. The group has returned to Moscow on last of four planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. Approximately at 22:00 the Yak - 42 has safely landed at the capital airport of Domodedovo.
the Aircraft of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has successfully finished the next difficult rescue operation. Planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia take out home 339 persons, among which women and children. We have done the utmost to facilitate flight of our citizens, their prompt delivery home - Chuprijan of the journalist has told.
He has added that it was only the first stage of operation. Now evacuation will proceed by sea.
Antigovernmental meetings of the Libyans inspired with an example of Egyptians and Tunisians, have passed in the largest cities of the country Bengasi, the Ale - the Canoe, Tripoli. The police already applied a fire-arms and aircraft to dispersal of demonstrators. Since February, 15th during disorders in territory of this country were lost more than 600 persons, marks RIA News .