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Ulyanovsk Volga has lost CHernomortsu

Before departure for the Black Sea coast the head coach « Volga » Vladimir Evsjukov has declared that results of control matches for it have minor result. An overall objective of such duels – to look in business as at the players already having contracts with our command, and the football players who are in « to Volga » on viewing.

However, at all without having a problem to conquer control duels, the Ulyanovsk football players have begun southern gathering with two large viktory. At first volzhane have crushed farm - club Sochi « Pearls » - 5:1, and then have defeated utterly amateur « command; Avant-guard » from Lazarevsky – 7:0.

But in two following companionable matches spent in Adler, « Volga » has lost. Saratov « to the Falcon » Our command has conceded with the bill 1:3, and Novorossisk « CHernomortsu » - 0:3.

the Match with « CHernomortsem » the Ulyanovsk football players have played in such structure: goalkeeper Vladimir Peshkin; defenders Andrey Zlydarev, Ildar Vagapov, Edward Shapovalov and Konstantin Lozbinev; halfbacks Michael Mustafin, Alexey Tsygantsov, Rustam Kurbanadamov, Valery Zrumov and Marat Safin; the attacking Alexey Churavtsev. As we see, in this duel trainers « Volga » Vladimir Evsjukov and Valery Deniss have entrusted a place in a starting lineup at once to three potential recruits of &ndash command; eks - to the goalkeeper Lipetsk « the Metallurgist » to Vladimir Peshkinu, defender Edward Shapovalovu (it last year supported football club « Gubkin ») and to halfback Valery Zrumovu (this football player has arrived in « Volga » from naro - fominskoj « commands; Nara - SHBFR ») .

Our command has begun game in an attacking key and as a result already on the seventh minute of a meeting has acquired the right to a penalty. Alas, but regular penaltist « Volga » Marat Safin to hammer with « points » could not – its blow was reflected by the goalkeeper of the Novorossisk command. In the first time volzhane had some more possibilities to punch defence of southerners. So, for example, on 20 - j to minute Alexey Churavtsev has readdressed a ball to Alexey Tsygantsovu, that further – to Maratu Safin who was in turn covered with defenders. In the ending of the first time at first Alexey Churavtsev was tore on flank, has readdressed a ball to Maratu Safin, but the halfback « Volga » from a goal position to strike blow was not in time – defenders « have prevented; CHernomortsa ». Then Michael Mustafin assisted all to the same Maratu Safin, but again blow of the halfback of the Ulyanovsk command was blocked by Novorossisk players of defence. And one minute prior to a break Michael Mustafin has executed dangerous korner, but a goal again has not taken place.

Since the first minutes of the second time in structure « Volga » there was one more potential recruit – the former halfback Izhevsk « the Union - Gazprom » Marat Ahmetzjanov. It has replaced in the field of Rustama Kurbanadomova. Has appeared in the field and Ilya Deriglazov who has replaced Edward Shapovalova. Alas, but the beginning of second half of game has developed for our children unsuccessfully: on 49 - j to minute after draw angular novorossijtsy have opened the bill. The former football player « has caused a stir; Volga » Vitaly Burmakov. And in the middle of the second time « CHernomorets » has hammered in two more goals. At first the player of southerners Dorozhkin has closed hinged transfer from flank, and then novorossiets Dzejtov has ventured blow from twenty five metres and has got precisely to a corner – 0:3.