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The American have sentenced to 248 years of prison for corruption of the adopted son

American state California Court on Wednesday the sentence in the relation eks - directors of state psychiatric hospital Napa has pronounced.   the Man has been recognised by guilty of more than 30 cases of violent acts of sexual character concerning the adopted son and is sentenced to 248 years of prison.
the Director of a mental hospital Claude Foulk   (Claude Foulk)   in the beginning 90 - h took on education of the boy to which at that point in time was eight years. And it came to pass it has started to stick to the child. From adoptive daddies the boy suffered mockeries very long, but in 21 year has not sustained and has run away from the house.
During the investigation 11 more person have declared that Foulk has raped them, and in far 1965. Unfortunately, the limitation period on these crimes has already expired, that is why 63 - the summer pedophile should be responded only for corruption of the adoptive child.
Now to a victim of the pervert 27 years. Nadavno the guy has moved from Atlanta to the Dignity - Frantsisko. As writes San Francisco Chronicle, besides it at Foulka was two more adopted sons.
the Judge James B.Pirs (James Pierce) before sentence announcement admitted that this case is the most shocking in its long-term practice.
you the sick, sick person, and irony consists that you were the director of the state psychiatric clinic where should be the patient number one - the judge has declared, being converted to the accused.